How Strong are YOU?…It takes Strength to do what must be Done when the Work is Unpleasant and Uncomfortable…It takes Strength to Persist in the Face of Obstacles, when it would be Easier to simply Give Up.

It takes Strength to be Polite to Someone when that Person has been Rude to YOU….It takes Strength to Build for the Future…It takes Strength to Resist Temptations and Distractions.

It takes Strength to do what is Right…It takes Strength to make an Effort when it would be Easier to make up an Excuse.

It takes Strength to do all these Things…And all the while, these are the very Things that Build even more Strength.

Have the Strength of Character, do what YOU know is Right, put forth Effort when it is called for, Persist and the more YOU do so, the more easily YOU will be able to do so…Exercise your Strength and YOU will Grow Stronger, more Capable and Successful in each Endeavor.



Take Control

As YOU all know, sometimes Bad Things happen to Good People…But it is Exactly when Things are at their Worst that YOU can make the Most Difference…When Everything is going against YOU, is the Best Time to take Positive Action that will get Things going in the Right Direction for YOU.
The Best Cure for Discouragement is Action…Don’t just sit there Feeling sorry for yourself, do Something!…YOU got into this Situation…YOU can get yourself out and move Forward to a Life of Success and Achievement…It all Starts when YOU begin to take Control of your own Destiny…Realize that your Actions Determine your Future.
Haven’t YOU had Enough already? Start Working your way out, right now…Some of Life’s Greatest Accomplishments come when Positive Action is taken in the midst of a Discouraging Situation.
What can YOU do Today, right now, that will Move YOU Forward?…Stop Feeling Sorry for yourself and take Control of your Life…Set your Sights on the Future and do it now.


Good Luck

Want to be Lucky in 2019?…Then look for Opportunities.
There is always Opportunity…Even in the most Dismal of times, there are things that need to be Done…The People who step Forward to do those things are the “Lucky” ones who enjoy Success….Opportunity is always Present, but it is rarely Obvious….To be Lucky, YOU must Learn to look at a Situation and see Opportunity where others see Nothing.
Lucky people are also the ones who are Prepared for Opportunity…Being Prepared requires Discipline…Discipline is not Easy…It Requires that YOU put out Sustained Effort over a long period….It takes Discipline to Learn new skills, to Accumulate Capital and to make new Contacts…And these are the kinds of things YOU will need to take Advantage of the Opportunities YOU Discover.
Want to be Lucky?..Open your Eyes to the Opportunities around YOU and Discipline yourself to make the most of them.



Persistence is an Amazing thing, with enough Persistence even tiny drops of water can wear away the hardest stone…With Persistence a small seed can grow into a towering tree…With Persistence, anyone can make a YUGE difference.
With Persistence, one small effort builds on top of the one before, until the combined force is undeniable…Small, focused efforts, strung together over time with Persistence and Determination, bring about Awesome results.
So much Effort is wasted because it is spent against itself. In our impatience we run around in so many different directions, and end up covering very little ground…Only by Focused Persistence we can reliably and consistently make Progress, and utilize our efforts for all they’re worth.
Where do YOU want to go? Who do YOU want to be? What do YOU want to accomplish? What possibilities are waiting for YOU to fulfill?..Persist my friends, and YOU will.



It’s no secret, your Thoughts can work for YOU or they can work against YOU…Choose right now to hold on to those Thoughts that work in your favor.

Choose the Thoughts that give energy to your Values and Dreams. Choose Thoughts that resonate with Hope and Awesomeness..

To hold a certain specific Thought requires no physical effort, no special training and no permission from anyone else…Your Thoughts are precisely what YOU allow them to be, as soon as YOU allow them to be.

When YOU develop a strong habit of filling your mind with Positive, Uplifting Thoughts, YOU are well positioned to Successfully meet the challenges that come your way. Empowering thoughts equip YOU to take Effective and Appropriate action.

Thoughts can come and go in an instant and have no physical dimensions, yet they exert enormous influence…Strengthen your Thoughts and YOU strengthen your life


Opportunity Just Ahead!

This Sexual Reference day will be filled with Opportunities…Each day we are above ground YOU will be given countless Opportunities to be, or do, or create whatever YOU desire!
Sadly, very few people ever take advantage of the Opportunities that come their way…Not because they don’t want to, but because they’re unable to. Because they are not adequately prepared.
We often look at highly successful people, and conclude that their success is the result of being “in the right place at the right time.” While that is true, it was not random good fortune that put them there…It was preparation that helped them to see the Opportunity in the first place, and then to make the most of that Opportunity.
Preparation is not usually fun or exciting…It can be tedious and unfulfilling in the short term. Yet it is absolutely essential. To enjoy Success, YOU must discipline yourself, day after day, to develop your skills, increase your knowledge, make new personal contacts, and lay the groundwork for your Success.
When YOU prepare yourself…YOU are always in the right place at the right time.

You Are In Control

Here is a good question for YOU…Do YOU think your circumstances hold YOU back or do they reveal how much YOU have held yourself back? No circumstance….No misfortune can equal the power of Commitment and Determination.
When YOU choose to let some particular obstacle stop YOU, what is really stopping YOU? Is it the obstacle or is it YOU? The bad news is that YOU have been holding yourself back and there’s so much more YOU could have already accomplished. The good news is also that YOU have been holding yourself back ….And YOU can change your fortune any time YOU are ready to do so.
Instead of giving your energy to the problems and obstacles by letting them get YOU down, re-direct that energy toward your Dreams and Ambitions…YOU can choose to participate in your own misfortune or YOU can choose to participate in your own Success…That choice will make a world of difference in the quality of your life.
In each decision, in every moment, choose to wield your considerable influence in the direction that is most Positive, Productive and Creative….Choose to let your world reflect the best YOU have to give.


Can I get your Attention please…Ever notice the more Attention YOU give something, the more important it becomes to YOU. Just think about something, focus on something, give your energy to something and that energy will give it life…whatever it may be…That’s the power of Attention.
What YOU work toward will grow stronger…What YOU fight against will also grow stronger.
If YOU focus on your frustrations, YOU end up becoming even more frustrated. And if YOU then continue to dwell on those frustrations, eventually YOU reach the point where it’s nearly impossible to focus on anything else.
In every moment YOU have the choice of where to direct your Attention. Life may throw all sorts of things your way, and yet YOU can always decide where the power of your Attention is focused.
As YOU go through this day, make yourself aware of how YOU use the enormous power of Attention. Keep your Attention locked solidly on the Positive possibilities, and YOU will give them life.

The Power Of Love

Love is difficult to define yet easy to recognize. The more of it YOU give away, the more of it YOU have. The less YOU demand of love, the more it will bring to YOU. The fewer conditions YOU place on love, the more perfectly it will suit YOU, and the more meaningful it will become.
Love can make a powerful, positive difference whenever it is present. And love can work its magic in every corner of your life. Give love to another and YOU forge a connection that empowers YOU both. Love the world around YOU and it will become more beautiful as a result.
Love what YOU do and YOU become considerably more effective. Add love to knowledge and YOU will have wisdom. Love life itself and YOU will always find ways to give real meaning to every moment.

Earn It!

YOU deserve a life that’s filled with happiness and meaning, prosperity and fulfillment…Yet YOU can’t expect for others to give it to YOU.

YOU deserve the very best in life… And you deserve the priceless experience of working with commitment, determination and persistence to bring it into being.

A free ride is worth precisely what YOU pay for it. Instead of looking to get stuff for free, honor and respect the immense value of your life by finding ways to give the best YOU have.

YOU have already been given the miraculous gift of life… Now is your opportunity to find spectacular fulfillment in earning your keep.

There are great challenges and injustices that will continue to work against YOU. But there’s no real value to be gained by seeing yourself as a victim.

Instead, see yourself for what YOU truly are, a loving, caring, unique person who can make a big difference. YOU owe it to life, and especially to yourself, to make that difference, so work right now to make it in a great big, beautiful way.