It Could Be YOU!


One Day, Someone is going to take that Awesome Idea YOU have Always had and Make It Happen…Someone will Grab Hold of that Fantastic Opportunity YOU See before YOU and They will make the Most of it…Someone will make a Fortune Using Knowledge very much like the Knowledge YOU already have…Someone will Achieve Amazing Success Using Skills just Like Yours.
There will be Someone who takes the Action necessary to Bring the Awesome Possibilities to Life…Someone will and that Someone can be YOU!
Even if Life’s Circumstances are Less than Perfect, Someone will See that those Circumstances are a Perfect place from which to Start…Someone will Make that Start and have the Commitment to See it Through.
Chances are when Success does come to that Someone, Others will See that certain Someone as Lucky, as being in the Right Place at the Right Time…Yet that Someone will Know that Action and Persistence were what Truly made it Happen.
Someone will Start from this Very Day and Continue all the way to a Spectacular Success of His or Her own Choosing. Open your Eyes, Be Willing to Act, See Clearly the Awesome Possibilities that Today will Offer and that Someone will be YOU.

Stop Digging!


We all Pay a Price for Our past Mistakes, but that does not mean YOU must keep making them…I see too many People Adopt the Attitude of “I will never get out of this” and it becomes a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy…The Truth is, the type of Thinking is just Stupid…YOU can Start to get Out of any Hole YOU find Yourself in Today, Right Now, No Matter what has Happened in the Past…YOU cannot Change the Past or it’s Consequences, but YOU can Immediately Change the Present and make Your Future look Infinitely Better.
Momentum is the Key to Success or Failure, it can Work either for YOU or against YOU and it all Depends on what Direction YOU are going…Momentum is not Dependent on where YOU are, just on which way YOU are Headed…YOU can have Positive Momentum right this Moment, Regardless of what has Happened in the Past…All it takes is a Change in Direction and Attitude…All it takes to get Out of the Hole YOU find Yourself in is to Stop Digging and Start Climbing Out.
YOU got Yourself here and YOU can get Yourself Wherever YOU want to Go…Direct your Momentum toward where YOU want to be and don’t Stop until YOU get there.



How Strong are YOU?…It takes Strength to do what must be Done when the Work is Unpleasant and Uncomfortable…It takes Strength to Persist in the Face of Obstacles, when it would be Easier to simply Give Up.

It takes Strength to be Polite to Someone when that Person has been Rude to YOU….It takes Strength to Build for the Future…It takes Strength to Resist Temptations and Distractions.

It takes Strength to do what is Right…It takes Strength to make an Effort when it would be Easier to make up an Excuse.

It takes Strength to do all these Things…And all the while, these are the very Things that Build even more Strength.

Have the Strength of Character, do what YOU know is Right, put forth Effort when it is called for, Persist and the more YOU do so, the more easily YOU will be able to do so…Exercise your Strength and YOU will Grow Stronger, more Capable and Successful in each Endeavor.



Take Control

As YOU all know, sometimes Bad Things happen to Good People…But it is Exactly when Things are at their Worst that YOU can make the Most Difference…When Everything is going against YOU, is the Best Time to take Positive Action that will get Things going in the Right Direction for YOU.
The Best Cure for Discouragement is Action…Don’t just sit there Feeling sorry for yourself, do Something!…YOU got into this Situation…YOU can get yourself out and move Forward to a Life of Success and Achievement…It all Starts when YOU begin to take Control of your own Destiny…Realize that your Actions Determine your Future.
Haven’t YOU had Enough already? Start Working your way out, right now…Some of Life’s Greatest Accomplishments come when Positive Action is taken in the midst of a Discouraging Situation.
What can YOU do Today, right now, that will Move YOU Forward?…Stop Feeling Sorry for yourself and take Control of your Life…Set your Sights on the Future and do it now.



Persistence is an Amazing thing, with enough Persistence even tiny drops of water can wear away the hardest stone…With Persistence a small seed can grow into a towering tree…With Persistence, anyone can make a YUGE difference.
With Persistence, one small effort builds on top of the one before, until the combined force is undeniable…Small, focused efforts, strung together over time with Persistence and Determination, bring about Awesome results.
So much Effort is wasted because it is spent against itself. In our impatience we run around in so many different directions, and end up covering very little ground…Only by Focused Persistence we can reliably and consistently make Progress, and utilize our efforts for all they’re worth.
Where do YOU want to go? Who do YOU want to be? What do YOU want to accomplish? What possibilities are waiting for YOU to fulfill?..Persist my friends, and YOU will.


Overcome, Adapt, Improvise

I think one of the best ways to remain miserable is to insist that everything around YOU always be a certain way…And one of the best ways to make your life more enjoyable is to be Flexible and willing to Adapt to whatever comes your way.
Real Success is not a matter of being in absolute command of the world around YOU…The Success that truly matters comes from being at peace with the world in which YOU live.
Being Persistent will enable YOU to achieve great things…Yet being merely stubborn will keep YOU mired in perpetual disappointment.
By all means, set ambitious goals and reach for them…But don’t trivialize the process by demanding or expecting that every little detail will go your way.
The more flexible YOU are about the stuff that doesn’t really matter, the more able YOU will be to accomplish the things that are important…The more willing YOU are to Adapt, the more truly enjoyable and fulfilling life will be.
Adapt to what is…And YOU will experience the very best of what can be.



Life is not scripted, sometimes conditions change, our well thought out plans fall apart and when this happens some people become immobilized by fear..Other people will just complain and still others make the changing conditions into a pathetic excuse for not taking action…What do Warriors do when conditions change? Warriors Adapt, they Overcome, they Never Give Up!
When conditions change, suddenly there can be plenty of reasons to give up…Suddenly there can be plenty of perfectly understandable justifications for not moving forward. Suddenly there can be an abundance of excuses for failure.
And yet, when conditions change there are also great opportunities…Some people, the Warriors, will have the confidence to recognize those opportunities and act upon them…Someday everyone will say those people were lucky, that they were in the right place at the right time.
The truth is, when YOU are a Warrior and YOU are willing and able to Adapt, YOU are always in the right place at the right time…Those who recognize that fact and take advantage of it by Adapting in a Positive way to changing conditions will be Successful in life.


Opportunity Just Ahead!

This Sexual Reference day will be filled with Opportunities…Each day we are above ground YOU will be given countless Opportunities to be, or do, or create whatever YOU desire!
Sadly, very few people ever take advantage of the Opportunities that come their way…Not because they don’t want to, but because they’re unable to. Because they are not adequately prepared.
We often look at highly successful people, and conclude that their success is the result of being “in the right place at the right time.” While that is true, it was not random good fortune that put them there…It was preparation that helped them to see the Opportunity in the first place, and then to make the most of that Opportunity.
Preparation is not usually fun or exciting…It can be tedious and unfulfilling in the short term. Yet it is absolutely essential. To enjoy Success, YOU must discipline yourself, day after day, to develop your skills, increase your knowledge, make new personal contacts, and lay the groundwork for your Success.
When YOU prepare yourself…YOU are always in the right place at the right time.

You Are In Control

Here is a good question for YOU…Do YOU think your circumstances hold YOU back or do they reveal how much YOU have held yourself back? No circumstance….No misfortune can equal the power of Commitment and Determination.
When YOU choose to let some particular obstacle stop YOU, what is really stopping YOU? Is it the obstacle or is it YOU? The bad news is that YOU have been holding yourself back and there’s so much more YOU could have already accomplished. The good news is also that YOU have been holding yourself back ….And YOU can change your fortune any time YOU are ready to do so.
Instead of giving your energy to the problems and obstacles by letting them get YOU down, re-direct that energy toward your Dreams and Ambitions…YOU can choose to participate in your own misfortune or YOU can choose to participate in your own Success…That choice will make a world of difference in the quality of your life.
In each decision, in every moment, choose to wield your considerable influence in the direction that is most Positive, Productive and Creative….Choose to let your world reflect the best YOU have to give.

You Deserve It!


YOU deserve it! That’s right my friend…YOU. Nobody deserves to succeed more than YOU. No one deserves to be happy and fulfilled more than YOU.

YOU are just as worthy and deserving as anyone I know. But, being worthy and deserving is not enough. It is totally up to YOU to live the life YOU deserve. It is up to YOU to set the goals, develop the plans and take the actions which will bring the success YOU deserve.

Sorry but no one can do it for YOU…YOU must take the initiative to fulfill your own incredible potential. YOU deserve it…And YOU can make it happen.

Sure, it’s easy to listen to those weak minded, negative people who say YOU are undeserving. And it would be easy to listen to those who promise YOU something for nothing. But they are all wrong! No matter who YOU are, YOU can and YOU must make your own effort to live your own possibilities. No one can hold YOU back and no one can do it for YOU!

The world is filled with opportunity for YOU…Make today the day YOU grab it and run with it. YOU my friend deserve the very best and YOU are the only one who can make sure YOU get it!