Show Up!

Are YOU going to Show Up to your Work place today?…Most likely your Bones and Skin and Clothes will be there, but will YOU Show Up too? Will YOU bring your True and Awesome Self to your Work and all the Things YOU do?
If YOU are going to do it, if YOU are going to be there, Show Up with the Best YOU have…So many times we Defeat Ourselves before we even Start, because we Fail to Commit our Best to the Effort.
Anyone is Capable of Excellence…Anyone is Capable of Greatness…All that’s Required is to Show Up, to Truly Show Up and put the Whole of one’s being into the Effort…To go “All In” on Everything YOU Attempt…YOU are Filled with Value and Possibilities, with Passion, with Purpose…Whenever all that Awesomeness is Focused and Directed, the Result can be True Greatness.
Show Up with all YOU have…Go “All In” in Everything YOU do and Awesome Things will Happen.


Get Uncomfortable

Get Uncomfortable…The Discomfort of Hard, Strenuous Exercise will make your Body Stronger and your Spirit as well…The Discomfort of an Unfamiliar place can Heighten your Senses and Build your Confidence.
Your Life Benefits from your Willingness to do what is Uncomfortable….Go Beyond where YOU are Comfortable and YOU Grow in your Capabilities, your Relationships, your Knowledge, your Confidence and much More..
If an Opportunity or an Idea is completely Comfortable to YOU, it’s Probably not of much Value to YOU….If a Person, a Task or a Situation never Challenges YOU, there’s little Chance for Growth.
Discomfort Strengthens YOU, Teaches YOU, Sharpens your Senses and Highlights new, Awesome Possibilities…By making yourself a little Vulnerable, a little Uncomfortable, YOU can make your Life Better and more Rewarding.



When someone else try’s to place some form of Discipline upon YOU it can seem like a form of punishment…When YOU make the effort to Discipline yourself, it is not a punishment…It is Power…It is Effectiveness…It is Freedom!

Self Discipline opens up a world of choices and opportunities which would not otherwise be available to YOU…At its most basic, Self Discipline is the practice of taking actions which are in your own best interest, of following the course YOU have set for yourself…That is certainly not punishment. In fact, it is extremely rewarding.

Indeed it is an effort to stay Disciplined…The world is overflowing with distractions which continue to grow in number and persuasiveness. In the space of each moment, YOU must refresh and renew your commitment to staying on track. That’s why it is so important that your goals closely match your most Awesome desires.

Discipline will produce Awesome results…Point yourself in a direction from which YOU cannot be deterred, and the rewards of Discipline will be yours.