Are YOU Accountable?

One thing is for sure, Life will hold YOU Accountable whether YOU like it or not…Every Action produces it’s own set of Consequences…Perhaps YOU Think YOU can hide from these Consequences, in the End they will always catch up to YOU.

Take Personal Responsibility for your own Actions, hold yourself Accountable and the Consequences will work in your Favor….Accept the Responsibility for your own Life and YOU gain Control of your own Destiny…It’s Easy and often very Reasonable, to Blame your Troubles on Something or Someone outside yourself…It’s Easy to Expect other People, or Changing Conditions, to Solve your Problems for YOU…It’s Easy to Expect dumb Luck to bring Fulfillment into your Life. Easy and yet sadly Misguided.

Ultimately, only YOU can be Accountable for YOU…It is a serious Responsibility and an Awesome Opportunity.


It’s Up To YOU!

What YOU Accomplish and your level of Success in Life is Completely up to YOU…What YOU put into Life will Determine what YOU get out of Life…YOU cannot Borrow, Beg or Steal the Fulfillment and Happiness of someone else and make it yours…Others can Inspire YOU, Teach YOU, Encourage YOU, Love and Console YOU…Yet the Living of your Life and the Fulfillment of your True Potential is up to YOU.
YOU have the Opportunity to make a Difference in this World in your own Awesome way…At the Heart of your Desires is the Desire for a Purpose, the Desire to make a Difference.
No one else can Fulfill the Awesome Possibilities that are yours alone…What a Damn Shame it would be to let the Best of those Possibilities go Unfulfilled without ever even making the Attempt.
YOU have been given a Precious and Awesome Gift called Life, and it is your Responsibility to Live this Life to your Full Potential, what comes of it is up to YOU!