Did YOU happen to get a Purpose for Christmas?…We all need a Purpose, we all need a Purpose that Defines us..Then we need to Live that Purpose and by doing so it will bring Unstoppable Power and Persistence to our Actions.
There is a Purpose that Fulfills YOU…Find and Understand that Purpose and YOU will Achieve Awesome things.
There is a Purpose that is YOU…But how do YOU Uncover that Purpose?
Learn to let go of all the Things that Ultimately have no lasting Meaning…Choose to Look at Life and to See what YOU know, rather than what Others tell YOU that YOU should See.
Seek that which is Real, that which has Substance and the Purpose that is your Own will become clear…Stay Connected to that Purpose and Experience its Awesome Power.


You Are What You Think!

I believe when YOU can see the Beauty, YOU become Beautiful…When YOU can Appreciate and Value Achievement, YOU become Successful.
What YOU Build and Treasure within YOU flows into every corner of your Life….What YOU have within YOU is what YOU truly have.
Fill your Heart with Love and Love will soon surround YOU… Fill your Thoughts with Gratitude and Abundance will be yours.
The Priorities YOU hold within YOU will determine the Realities YOU come to know…Those things you Treasure deeply will grow to fill your World.
The person YOU appear to be on the Outside is only a faint reflection…It’s who YOU are Inside that really matters.
Fill yourself inside with Love, with Real Purpose, with Happiness and Hope and Integrity and Awesomeness…It all will flow out from YOU in a Awesome and Splendid way.


Don’t Worry!

Are YOU the type that Worries about everything? When YOU Worry too much about losing something YOU have already lost it…It is your Worry that prevents YOU from enjoying the real Value of the thing YOU are so Worried about losing.
Things do Change and what is here today may well be gone tomorrow…YOU can Worry and Fret over that Reality, or YOU can choose to be Happy and make the most of all you have right now.
The joy that YOU fully Experience, YOU will not lose…The Love that YOU Live and Give, cannot be taken from your Heart by any outside circumstance.
If YOU invest yourself too heavily in the fleeting, superficial things in life, YOU will be setting yourself up for a major Disappointment when those things are no longer with YOU. Instead, learn to Treasure those Real, Substantial, Meaningful things that time and events cannot erase.
Get in the habit of fully Living each day with Meaning and Purpose…YOU will find yourself Worrying less about what YOU have to lose, and focusing more on what YOU have to use.
Express your Gratitude for all YOU have by making the very most of it…And YOU will always have plenty to be Thankful for.