Good Luck

Want to be Lucky in 2019?…Then look for Opportunities.
There is always Opportunity…Even in the most Dismal of times, there are things that need to be Done…The People who step Forward to do those things are the “Lucky” ones who enjoy Success….Opportunity is always Present, but it is rarely Obvious….To be Lucky, YOU must Learn to look at a Situation and see Opportunity where others see Nothing.
Lucky people are also the ones who are Prepared for Opportunity…Being Prepared requires Discipline…Discipline is not Easy…It Requires that YOU put out Sustained Effort over a long period….It takes Discipline to Learn new skills, to Accumulate Capital and to make new Contacts…And these are the kinds of things YOU will need to take Advantage of the Opportunities YOU Discover.
Want to be Lucky?..Open your Eyes to the Opportunities around YOU and Discipline yourself to make the most of them.


Who Wants To Get Lucky Today?




I don’t believe in Luck,  I think we make our own “Luck” sometimes good things happen for us because we put ourselves in the right situations where the potential for a positive outcome is fairly high.  I believe in order for someone to get “Lucky” you need to do the work necessary to create the circumstances for it to happen.

So what does it take to get “Lucky” 

I think most of us get “Lucky” more than we realize, I’m pretty sure we all can think of a few times when some really great opportunities were given to us, but we just weren’t Prepared to accept them.

You need to be Prepared to accept any challenge you may face, say you are at your place of employment and you really have been wanting to get into a new position, and then without warning someone quits and now that position you wanted is open, are you Prepared to take the challenge on of getting that position? Are you ready to make your case to the boss that you are the best person for that position? Do you know what the duties and requirements are already? Can you show that if they picked you, that you could make a seamless transition into this position you wanted? It’s all about being Prepared, without preparation you would not be ready to make the move on this new position, so create your own Luck by doing your homework and being Prepared.

Another aspect of getting “Lucky” is your willingness to put yourself out there. If you want something to happen for you, it will require you to be there. If you just sit at home hoping to meet that special someone, it most likely will never happen. You need to figure out what it is you want and get out there and make it happen. Put yourself in situations that would allow you to meet people…Be Seen, Be Heard, Get Out There and Showcase Yourself.

For example, go to community events, go where there’s music playing. Remember you can’t get “Lucky” and bump into your future special someone if you’re not even there.

Just like in gambling, it helps if you can better your Odds. After all Luck is about the Odds right?  So in order of increasing your Odds it will require you to get involved more.  Fishing is a good analogy, in order to catch more fish you need more lines in the water.  So whatever you’re hoping on getting “Lucky” at, try increasing the Odds of you succeeding.  If you are trying to win the lottery, play more numbers. If you’re trying to win a raffle, buy more tickets. If you’re trying to meet new people, talk to more people. Basically give yourself as many chances as possible to make yourself “Lucky.”

Once in a while that little voice in your head is right, so don’t ignore it. Trust your Intuition, Hunches or Gut Feelings, whatever you call it, Trust It!  I think those people who listen to their gut, usually find that Luck visits them quite often. Always Trust your Gut, It’s that simple sometimes.

How often have you heard stories on the news when people say they just had a gut feeling not to get on the plane, train or car and then that plane, train or car crashed? Then people tell them how “Lucky” they were for listening to their gut. Whether you believe in it or not, it’s a thing, so start believing in it!

Another way to find your Luck, is to be willing to take a risk. Have you heard the saying “Fortune favors the bold?” well it does, so Be Bold my friend. And being Bold means you are willing to take some risks, travel the unbeaten path, and go outside society’s norms.  Don’t be afraid of trying new ways of approaching things. Sometimes going at an old problem in a new direction can bring positive results.

Maybe try something new when it comes to meeting someone new that you’re interested in, forget the old pick-up lines and just walk up to him or her and introduce yourself with a smile and handshake. Pretty Damn Bold Huh?  Try being a little Bolder, more often and you might just be surprised by how many “Lucky” breaks you manage to get.

You might be one of those who swears by your “Lucky” rabbit’s foot, clovers or some special fairy smiling upon you. But I believe that being “Lucky” just requires you being Prepared, Putting Yourself Out There and Doing Whatever It Takes To Better Your Odds In Your Favor.

Now …Who wants to get “Lucky?”