Show Up!

Are YOU going to Show Up to your Work place today?…Most likely your Bones and Skin and Clothes will be there, but will YOU Show Up too? Will YOU bring your True and Awesome Self to your Work and all the Things YOU do?
If YOU are going to do it, if YOU are going to be there, Show Up with the Best YOU have…So many times we Defeat Ourselves before we even Start, because we Fail to Commit our Best to the Effort.
Anyone is Capable of Excellence…Anyone is Capable of Greatness…All that’s Required is to Show Up, to Truly Show Up and put the Whole of one’s being into the Effort…To go “All In” on Everything YOU Attempt…YOU are Filled with Value and Possibilities, with Passion, with Purpose…Whenever all that Awesomeness is Focused and Directed, the Result can be True Greatness.
Show Up with all YOU have…Go “All In” in Everything YOU do and Awesome Things will Happen.


Believe In Yourself

I think YOU Deserve to be more Confident than YOU are…Don’t be so Hard on Yourself…Let Go of those Persistent Doubts and let Confidence take their place.
Maybe YOU have Realized it yet…Maybe YOU just Forget…Maybe YOU are Surrounded by People who don’t build YOU up…But my friend YOU are a Winner and a Achiever…Occasionally life can make YOU feel Helpless, YOU are actually Someone who is very Good at finding ways to get things Done.
The Fact is, YOU are Skilled and Resourceful, Capable and Experienced…When YOU want to be, YOU can be Passionate, Inspired, Persistent and Highly Effective.
No one Benefits when YOU hold Yourself back…So go ahead, Believe in Yourself, give Yourself the Confidence YOU Deserve and do those Great and Awesome Things that are Yours to do.



Someone once told me the most Successful job YOU will ever have is being YOU…YOU were born for it, YOU are perfectly equipped for it and YOU will find real fulfillment in being the person YOU are.
The most impressive YOU will ever be is by being YOU…That will make a far more Positive and Valuable impact than trying to imitate some celebrity or fall victim to internet group think.
The most value YOU will ever create is by being YOU…YOU have many unique and worthwhile things to contribute to life, and the more YOU truly give of yourself, the better life will be.
When YOU come to a fork in the road, and have trouble deciding which way to go, be YOU. Take the path that more closely expresses the Distinctive and Irreplaceable person YOU are.
The Happiest YOU will ever be is by being YOU…There’s a reason why Happiness feels so good, and that reason is to encourage YOU to be the Happy and Fulfilled person YOU are meant to be.
In you there is Greatness that YOU have just barely begun to realize…Be YOU, and let your own special Awesomeness fill the world with light.

You Have No Excuse Not To Live The Most Amazing Life Ever!



If you are fortunate enough to be an American, you really do owe it to yourself to do something freaking amazing with your life.

If you stop and think about it, you truly are blessed, no matter what your economic situation or your place on the “social ladder”  you have been given something a few billion other people cannot say..You’re an American!  We have so many opportunities that most of the world’s population can only dream of, there are literally billions of people who every day are forced to live on less than it costs for you to buy your Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks.

Stop and think of all those people who live under a dictatorship or under sharia law, these people have little in the way of freedoms. Freedoms we Americans often take for granted. Isn’t it great to be able to express yourself in any way you damn well please?

Imagine having to live somewhere that denies you access to the internet, where what you can buy is controlled by the government, even with all the bullshit we deal with here in America on occasion, it pales compared to most places.

Even something as simple and meaningless as Facebook is controlled in some countries.  Imagine if you suddenly lost your ability to share your story or flood social media with pictures of what you had for lunch, or suddenly lost your opportunity to spread rumors about your ex  (As immature and toxic as it is) ..Just imagine not having this ability right now.

For all you advocates of change, imagine not being able to stand up to the wrongs of the world and create change all from the comfort and safety of your local coffee shop…Or how about not being able to sharing a poem, song or a beautiful artwork you created from the simple vision in your mind which you turned into reality…what if you weren’t allowed to share these with the world?

Now change the view..You owe it not only to yourself to have a totally Amazing life, but to the people who are suffering alone right now of some terminal disease, the drivers unaware that in a mile they will die in a horrible crash, or for the ones who lose their arms and legs living out their days confined to a wheelchair.

You also owe it to every single person who helped you get where you are today. Your friends, family, teachers and mentors who showed you what was possible, helped light the way and picked your ass back up when you laid face down on the ground without the strength and will to get back up.

And for all those who told you that you couldn’t or that you didn’t have what it takes…You owe it to them, to show them that YOU can.

But most of all, you owe it to the one who stands in the mirror each morning, preparing for another day, trying to look past that wall of fears, shame, insecurities and self-doubt you have created.

You owe it to yourself to break down the walls and light a fire so bright, that all can see it, all will want to follow that light.

Show the world your scars, the battle wounds and tell us all how you’ve recovered from the darkest parts of your own self.

Clean away the sins of your past and let your greatest mistakes be your greatest gifts to those who will hear your story, listen to your music and Yes, even read your blog.

It’s time to live your life the way it should be lived, the way it was meant to be lived, it’s time for you to start doing something freaking Awesome with your life…

If you have dreams and aspirations of bigger things than just making a living, then tear your heart out of your chest and give it to the world.

You have it within you to create something so great it will bring happiness to the hearts of millions, open minds for countless others who dare to dream, and live a life worth living.

Or…I suppose you could just go bitch about your ex, be the victim, surround yourself in the drama of being you…But I have a feeling your better than that, and you won’t settle for that …Your dreams are bigger than that!