Go All In

Are YOU ready to go ALL IN on Life?…As Life comes at YOU today, run out there and Embrace it…Be Enthusiastic and Completely ALL IN on Life and if YOU are, the Better your Life will be.
Embrace the Awesomeness, the Beauty, the Wonder and the Abundance of Life….At the same time, Embrace the Challenges, the Setbacks, the Craziness, the Disappointments and the Difficulties.
By going ALL IN on Life, YOU put yourself in a Position to make a Positive Difference…By Accepting the Ups and the Downs, YOU are able to move Forward from an Effective and Realistic Perspective.
Yes, Life has very Real Tragedies, yet often what seem to be Disappointments are Disappointments only because YOU Imagine them to be…When YOU stop Fighting them and start Embracing them as part of Life’s Ebb and Flow, YOU will find many of them not to be Disappointments at all.
Whatever Life sends your way at any given Moment is what YOU have to Work with…So Embrace it and go ALL IN, then set about to make the Most of it.
Embrace the Journey that is Life and all the many Paths it takes.,,,Go ALL IN on Life and those Paths will Lead where YOU Truly want to go.


It All Matters

Never Forget Everything YOU do Matters!…What YOU eat today, the Workout YOU did or didn’t do, the Comments YOU made to your kids, how fast YOU drive down the street, the show YOU watched last night…It ALL Matters…It ALL makes up the Awesome Fabric of your Life.
Every Moment YOU are doing Something that Matters, Something that makes a Difference…Every Moment Weaves its way into your Experience, into the Person YOU are, into the Person YOU are Becoming.
YOU truly have the Awesome Responsibility and the Amazing Opportunity of being Alive, of being Capable of Freaking Greatness…The Possibilities available to YOU in just a single Moment are Countless…Over the Course of your Lifetime the Possibilities are almost Unimaginable.
Everything YOU do Matters…Every Moment is a Treasure waiting to be Opened…Nothing is Small or Insignificant, because it is all part of your Life…Appreciate the Wonder that is in each Moment of Living….Make the Most of it, because it ALL Matters.



It’s Up To YOU!

What YOU Accomplish and your level of Success in Life is Completely up to YOU…What YOU put into Life will Determine what YOU get out of Life…YOU cannot Borrow, Beg or Steal the Fulfillment and Happiness of someone else and make it yours…Others can Inspire YOU, Teach YOU, Encourage YOU, Love and Console YOU…Yet the Living of your Life and the Fulfillment of your True Potential is up to YOU.
YOU have the Opportunity to make a Difference in this World in your own Awesome way…At the Heart of your Desires is the Desire for a Purpose, the Desire to make a Difference.
No one else can Fulfill the Awesome Possibilities that are yours alone…What a Damn Shame it would be to let the Best of those Possibilities go Unfulfilled without ever even making the Attempt.
YOU have been given a Precious and Awesome Gift called Life, and it is your Responsibility to Live this Life to your Full Potential, what comes of it is up to YOU!


Get Uncomfortable

Get Uncomfortable…The Discomfort of Hard, Strenuous Exercise will make your Body Stronger and your Spirit as well…The Discomfort of an Unfamiliar place can Heighten your Senses and Build your Confidence.
Your Life Benefits from your Willingness to do what is Uncomfortable….Go Beyond where YOU are Comfortable and YOU Grow in your Capabilities, your Relationships, your Knowledge, your Confidence and much More..
If an Opportunity or an Idea is completely Comfortable to YOU, it’s Probably not of much Value to YOU….If a Person, a Task or a Situation never Challenges YOU, there’s little Chance for Growth.
Discomfort Strengthens YOU, Teaches YOU, Sharpens your Senses and Highlights new, Awesome Possibilities…By making yourself a little Vulnerable, a little Uncomfortable, YOU can make your Life Better and more Rewarding.


Believe In Yourself

I think YOU Deserve to be more Confident than YOU are…Don’t be so Hard on Yourself…Let Go of those Persistent Doubts and let Confidence take their place.
Maybe YOU have Realized it yet…Maybe YOU just Forget…Maybe YOU are Surrounded by People who don’t build YOU up…But my friend YOU are a Winner and a Achiever…Occasionally life can make YOU feel Helpless, YOU are actually Someone who is very Good at finding ways to get things Done.
The Fact is, YOU are Skilled and Resourceful, Capable and Experienced…When YOU want to be, YOU can be Passionate, Inspired, Persistent and Highly Effective.
No one Benefits when YOU hold Yourself back…So go ahead, Believe in Yourself, give Yourself the Confidence YOU Deserve and do those Great and Awesome Things that are Yours to do.


You Had A Purpose Before Anyone Had An Opinion

STOP trying to Please everybody…If YOU are Constantly worried about what others will Think, YOU will surely Sabotage your Greatest Accomplishments before YOU even start them.
Instead, Be Kind, Be Thoughtful, Be Considerate and Show Compassion…Yet don’t be a Slave to the Opinions of others.
And by all Means, hold Yourself to the Highest Standards…Just be sure they are Truly your Standards and not merely Fears about what others may Think.
Live and Act true to what YOU know is Right and Appropriate, and Valuable…Follow your Heart, your Desires, your Intuition and your own Awesome Dreams.
My Friends, YOU can Achieve whatever YOU Choose if YOU will just have the Confidence and Persistence to see it all the way through…Whatever others might Say or Think, Create the Awesomeness in your Life that is yours to Create.


Lighten Your Load

Today be Firm with the things that Matter and Flexible about the things that don’t…Remember that your Time, Energy and the Moments of your Life are too Precious to Waste.
There is nothing to be Gained and much to be Lost, by Fighting and Agonizing over trivial matters…In such cases, even when YOU Win, YOU Lose.
If something Truly makes a Difference to YOU and your World, then put the Best of yourself into it…If it doesn’t really matter, then Quietly and Calmly let it go.
Imagine how Awesome it would be if fully half of your Frustrations were to suddenly disappear…Know that YOU can easily make that happen.
Decide today to let all the Silly, Trivial Matters just float right on by…Now with a Lightened Load, YOU will then move Faster ahead than ever before.


Be Thankful

Are YOU Thankful?…It’s easy to be Thankful when all is Well, when Life is Good, when there are no Difficulties or Dark Clouds on the Horizon…Yet it is during those times when Problems and Hardships abound that Thankfulness can bring the most Value.
Being truly Thankful enables YOU to See, to Appreciate, and Value the Awesomeness that Life gives YOU every single day, even on the most Difficult of Days.
Imagine the Power of saying to yourself during a difficult Experience… “I am truly Thankful for this Opportunity.”… No matter what the Situation may be, such an Attitude can Connect YOU with the Positive Possibilities that are most certainly there.
Don’t be the Knucklehead who is not Thankful until they have something for which to be Thankful for…Realize that there’s always Something to be Thankful for and your Thankfulness will Enable YOU to see it.


You Are What You Think!

I believe when YOU can see the Beauty, YOU become Beautiful…When YOU can Appreciate and Value Achievement, YOU become Successful.
What YOU Build and Treasure within YOU flows into every corner of your Life….What YOU have within YOU is what YOU truly have.
Fill your Heart with Love and Love will soon surround YOU… Fill your Thoughts with Gratitude and Abundance will be yours.
The Priorities YOU hold within YOU will determine the Realities YOU come to know…Those things you Treasure deeply will grow to fill your World.
The person YOU appear to be on the Outside is only a faint reflection…It’s who YOU are Inside that really matters.
Fill yourself inside with Love, with Real Purpose, with Happiness and Hope and Integrity and Awesomeness…It all will flow out from YOU in a Awesome and Splendid way.



Persistence is an Amazing thing, with enough Persistence even tiny drops of water can wear away the hardest stone…With Persistence a small seed can grow into a towering tree…With Persistence, anyone can make a YUGE difference.
With Persistence, one small effort builds on top of the one before, until the combined force is undeniable…Small, focused efforts, strung together over time with Persistence and Determination, bring about Awesome results.
So much Effort is wasted because it is spent against itself. In our impatience we run around in so many different directions, and end up covering very little ground…Only by Focused Persistence we can reliably and consistently make Progress, and utilize our efforts for all they’re worth.
Where do YOU want to go? Who do YOU want to be? What do YOU want to accomplish? What possibilities are waiting for YOU to fulfill?..Persist my friends, and YOU will.