What are YOU Afraid of today?…Do YOU know that most of your Fears would Disappear if YOU would just simply Decide to Walk right up to them…Fear has only the Power that YOU Allow it to have.

Your Fears can Intimidate YOU or they can Illuminate YOU… The Choice is Entirely up to YOU.

Your Fears can Stop YOU or they can Prepare YOU…And YOU get to Decide which it will be.

Listen to each Fear just long enough to Absorb the Useful and Reasonable Information it may contain…Then Realize that once that is Done, it is Time to Move on Beyond the Fear.

On the other side of Fear, there is Value, there is Accomplishment, there is Fulfillment…See Fear as the Gateway that it is and make the Choice to Carefully and Persistently go Through it.

Allow the Fear to Prepare YOU well, then Move on Past It. And be Amazed at the Awesome Things YOU truly can do.


Today Is The Day!

Here is a Question for YOU…What would your Perfect day be like?..What People would be around YOU?..Where would YOU be?..What would YOU be doing?..What Things would give YOU a sense of Satisfaction and Fulfillment? And why?
Stop for a Moment and Consider how Life would be if Life was exactly how YOU would like for it to be…Then Realize that YOU have the Power to make it so…YOU can take Actions this very day that will begin to bring that Dream into Reality.
Dare to Dream and Dare to Follow those Dreams…Those Dreams may seem Unreasonable to the other People in your Life, but that’s their Problem, not yours…Somewhere, somehow YOU know those Things that will Fulfill your Awesome Possibilities…YOU know of ways in which YOU can make an Positive Difference in this World…Challenge yourself to bring them to Light…Challenge yourself to bring them into Reality.
Be that Awesome, Kick-Ass Person YOU are Destined to be. Don’t wait a Moment longer…Now is a Perfect time to Begin


It’s Up To YOU!

What YOU Accomplish and your level of Success in Life is Completely up to YOU…What YOU put into Life will Determine what YOU get out of Life…YOU cannot Borrow, Beg or Steal the Fulfillment and Happiness of someone else and make it yours…Others can Inspire YOU, Teach YOU, Encourage YOU, Love and Console YOU…Yet the Living of your Life and the Fulfillment of your True Potential is up to YOU.
YOU have the Opportunity to make a Difference in this World in your own Awesome way…At the Heart of your Desires is the Desire for a Purpose, the Desire to make a Difference.
No one else can Fulfill the Awesome Possibilities that are yours alone…What a Damn Shame it would be to let the Best of those Possibilities go Unfulfilled without ever even making the Attempt.
YOU have been given a Precious and Awesome Gift called Life, and it is your Responsibility to Live this Life to your Full Potential, what comes of it is up to YOU!


Just Be YOU!

How often do YOU find yourself wasting your precious Time and Energy in a Futile attempt to live up to someone else’s standards? What are YOU trying to Prove? And why?…I like to believe true Fulfillment comes NOT from Impressing others, but from being, as Completely and Awesomely as YOU can, the Amazing person YOU are.
Consider how much of your Anxiety, Worry and Frustration comes from YOU striving to live up to the Expectations of others…To say the “right” things…Drive the “right” kind of car… Wear the “right” clothes…Of course we should be Respectful and Accepting of the people around us…We must also be careful not to become Enslaved by their Arbitrary definition of what has Value and what doesn’t.
My Friends, Break Free from the need to be Accepted…Set your own Standards, and set them High…Pursue Excellence with Sincerity…Forget about trying to Prove anything…Just go out there and be the Best YOU that YOU can be.


Earn It!

YOU deserve a life that’s filled with happiness and meaning, prosperity and fulfillment…Yet YOU can’t expect for others to give it to YOU.

YOU deserve the very best in life… And you deserve the priceless experience of working with commitment, determination and persistence to bring it into being.

A free ride is worth precisely what YOU pay for it. Instead of looking to get stuff for free, honor and respect the immense value of your life by finding ways to give the best YOU have.

YOU have already been given the miraculous gift of life… Now is your opportunity to find spectacular fulfillment in earning your keep.

There are great challenges and injustices that will continue to work against YOU. But there’s no real value to be gained by seeing yourself as a victim.

Instead, see yourself for what YOU truly are, a loving, caring, unique person who can make a big difference. YOU owe it to life, and especially to yourself, to make that difference, so work right now to make it in a great big, beautiful way.

Dream Big Dreams Baby…




Do You Dream Of Great Things?


So am I the only one that dreams of doing great things with the time I have left in this world? Pretty sure everyone dreams big, we all have great things we would like to accomplish just getting them started seems to be the tricky part.


I have a few friends who have great ideas, stuff that could actually make a difference to people, but yet they allow people…people who mean nothing in the big picture squash their ideas with their own negative feedback, Why would anyone want to crush the dreams and goals of someone who is trying to better themselves and others? Better yet why do we let people ruin our dreams?


It’s time to follow those dreams of yours, and most of all it’s time to clear your life of the negative people who hold you back from achieving them.


Do you really want to achieve great things?


You have to clear your mind of all the doubt that’s been put there, clear your life of all the negative people stopping you from moving forward.


These are your dreams, your goals, it’s your  life…No one else has a say in it, unless you give them that right.


It is completely up to YOU!


Your success or failure is completely on YOU!


If you believe that someone or something can stand in your way from achieving success, that’s completely on YOU…You are the one that is giving away all your power and giving permission to the world to choose your destiny for you.


You create these stories in your head about why you can’t do it…the kids, your lack of skills and education, it’s too late, too early, you’re too young, too old, or your damn cat ate your homework and pissed in your new shoes…these stories are just works of pure fiction…Unless YOU choose to make them reality.


If your reason “why” is big enough..You will find a way to succeed.


If you’re ready and willing to do whatever it takes, even if that means you might be laughed at and suffer a few set-backs along the way. If you’re ready to push forward and create your new reality then cut the umbilical cord connected to what the world thinks and move forward with intense determination that nothing or no one will stop you from achieving success.


You might be scared. That’s good. And if you doubt yourself that’s even better.


Fear and Self-doubt are two huge signs that you’re onto something big, and to keep moving forward.


You are an American, brave men and women have fought and died for YOU and your Freedoms… Choosing your own destiny is your freaking birthright, you just have to be willing to put in the work.


Now just put one foot in front of the other, boldly push forward and do not stop for anything or anyone.


Just keep pushing forward!


Do not worry about what others say about how great or shitty you or your goals are.


Their opinions don’t matter and frankly are none of your business, only your opinion matters.


Even if it seems the entire world is against you, just keep pushing forward and if you find yourself doubting your abilities just remember there are people without legs to walk with or eyes to see with, who are doing incredible things most of us can’t even fathom.


There are people who were beaten every day as a child and told they would never amount to anything who’ve created art so great the rest of the world stares at it in awe.


There will always be critics, and every word they utter is just another sign that you’re on the right path.


But if you’re afraid to take the risk, I guess you can keep doing what you’re doing and keep getting more of the same….


Or…You can let your inner Giant out of its cage to rise up and do some seriously awesome shit!


The choice is all yours my friends….

Wanna Get Rich?..





Do you want to get Rich? Then you’re in luck because I have a fool-proof way for you to get Rich, Most people usually equate “rich” with “money”.. (Hard Cash, Moo-La, The Benjamin’s). and we take it for granted that more money is a good thing.(and why wouldn’t it be right?) Who hasn’t daydreamed about hitting the lottery and quitting your job, traveling the world and buying all those expensive toys we want.

But if you go all “scientific” on this subject you will see that study after study shows that more money doesn’t make us any happier. Of course if you’re getting your next meal out of the soup kitchen it will. but past a certain, fairly low salary there’s no relationship between salary and happiness.

I tend to believe that real happiness comes from other types of riches. You might not have tons of money, but if you have enough to live on, how about focusing on some of these sure-fire ways of getting “rich” instead.

Time~ Rich

Have you ever heard the phrase “Money Rich, Time Poor”

I think this best sums up the reasons why more money doesn’t result in more happiness. Often, the more money you earn, the more time you spend earning it, or taking care of the money you earn and all the fancy trappings that come with it.
Being “time-rich” just means you have the freedom to spend as much of your life as possible doing the things you want to do. Having more time can bring rewards that no amount of money can buy. “time-rich”  Parents for example have the chance to really engage with their kids. A “time-rich” painter or writer might not make millions, but might produce some truly outstanding pieces of art.

Money can be earned, exchanged and horded. Time goes past constantly, as much as we might like to stop it. Being “time-rich” means engaging fully with life.

So get more time…and share the wealth with your loved ones.


If you lose a lot of money, you can recover in time, your able to turn around your personal finances and get out of debt. You can close a failing business and maybe start a new one. You can borrow money from family or from the bank. If you destroy your health, there’s often no going back. Some chronic illnesses, such as ME, are caused by periods of overwork and stress. Is it worth wrecking your health for the sake of a few extra hours in work?

So to get “Health~Rich” make time to exercise every day. Even if you don’t think it’s going to make any difference right now. You will be grateful later in life. You don’t need to spend hours in the gym ..a simple 30 minute walk can be enough. Develop good eating habits, There are loads of healthy, tasty, easy foods…start working more of them into your diet. Take little steps, you don’t need to make radical changes.

If you smoke, make it your number one priority to quit! It’s the best thing you can do for your health.


If you have a rich and varied set of interests, you’re likely to have a fulfilling life. Spend time discovering what you really care about (whether or not it’s what your parents or your friends want you to do) Having a life full of things which interest you is much more likely to make you happy than spending eight hours a day doing a job you dislike, just because it pays well.

Also, when you get to retirement, you will want to have some hobbies and interests which give you meaning and purpose…and enjoyment.
You may well have lots of interests already. Are there any which you have neglected? perhaps because you think you don’t have the time or because they seem self-indulgent? If you feel that you lack any real hobbies or passions, make it your mission to find some. Try out new things (even a few that you might not think are for you) and see if you surprise yourself.

How to get “Interest~Rich”

Spend time on things which you enjoy, It doesn’t matter how “productive” or “worthwhile” they are…all that matters is that you love them.
Adopt a “try anything once” attitude, It’s easy to pre-judge a new activity without even giving it a go…you might just find you love it.
Go for some variety, We are often taught that we need to specialize in order to succeed…But who is to say you can’t be a doctor and a musician, or a teacher and an artist.

Alright I have share my get “Rich” quick scheme with you and best of all you don’t have to send me any money..it’s FREE…So no excuses, Go get Rich now !!

There’s A Place Called Happyville….

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Raise your hand if you want to be Happy? Hello. Anyone? Oh there you are, you gotta throw that hand up like you mean it Princess! Okay, of course everyone wants to be Happy right? Unless your one of those Goth kids who thinks Happiness is too mainstream.


Life can be a  bitch, and not any ol’ bitch, more like your ex who hates you and wishes you dead kinda bitch which means sometimes we get so bogged down by the daily crap thrown at us that it seems hard to figure out what we need to do in order to just simply be Happy.


So in order to find Happiness you need to ask people who are genuinely Happy what their secret is..No worries, I took care of this for you..The general consensus among the truly Happy folks is that they know how to let stuff go.


Like anything new, it might take a while for you to completely change your mindset, but if you can wrap your head around it and let these little “Un-Happiness” inducers go then you will be heading to downtown Happyville.



I would say everyone needs to go through some levels of stress, if you have a job, well that can be stressful, as can be kids, spouse, family in general, cats, heck almost everything can have some sort of stress attached to it. But when we let stress rule our lives and have it affect our personal relationships, we start losing our innate happiness. Stress is normal, but it should not be a constant. You can stress about something big going down at work or a major life event, but never let that stress interfere with who you are as a person. Be a Positive and keep that positive mindset in all aspects of your life, don’t let the evil stress surround you. Stress can haunt you and make you a miserable person. Believe it or not other people can usually pick up on a person’s aura, and if you radiate a Positive and Happy one everywhere you go, then Happy people are more likely to gravitate towards you.


You’re Age

So it seems everywhere you look these days you will find all these anti-aging miracle products. If you look to the land of fake “Hollywood” it is full of actors and actresses who have gone under the knife in order to look younger than they truly are. Plastic surgery has become so common and so widespread that even young girls are already wanting to get nose jobs or breast implants. But let’s face facts, no matter what magic serum you take or surgery you have done, nobody can deny the passage of time. Yes, you are growing older as you read this, But growing old is only a state of mind. You can choose to cry over your first grey hair and the wrinkles that are forming on your face, or you can celebrate the fact that you’re entering your golden years and that you’ve now become better, wiser and stronger than you were before. They say that growing old is a privilege not everyone gets blessed with, so instead of worrying about the circles under your eyes, just “Let it go” (Hey, isn’t there a song with that name? is it stuck in your head now. Awesome) so when you do actually “Let it go” you will find that you will become even younger than you actually are. That’s the secret to youth right there!



I truly believe one of the most destructive attitudes in a person is the inability to take responsibility for their own actions. There are people who “always” make excuses for others and themselves. “it wasn’t my fault”..”I can’t do it today”..”Nobody told me”..”Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow”..”I don’t have what it takes”  Blah, Blah, Blah and Blah..In order to become truly Happy with your life, you need to stop making excuses. Own up to your mistakes, take responsibility for everything you do and say. Most importantly, deliver concrete results, Talk is cheap like that bottom shelf wine you drink. Take the first step in making yourself a Happier person by doing something about it right the hell NOW!…Start by letting your excuses go..Bye Bye Excuses.


You’re Past

Hey here is a clue. The Past is Past. It’s over and done with. Maybe the events that occurred might still have their repercussions today, you can’t dwell on the past forever and forget about your future. Let go of that anger, drop those silly grudges, and your mistakes. Instead of punishing yourself over previous endeavors or torturing yourself with what you should have done differently, concentrate on the Right Now!. Live for today!. Because what you do today is what’s going to affect your future. Each day is a precious gift to start over and do your best. So stop that bullshit of always pressing “Rewind” and press “Play” instead.


Toxic People

So let’s face it no matter how nice of a person you are, there are always going to be people who don’t like you (Boo Hoo) They will gossip about you, talk about you behind your back or even purposely try to cause you some sort of metaphysical pain (I’m so glad I finally got to use that word) These people are “Toxic” and you are so much better off without them in your life. So think about these scenarios and see if they apply to your life. Is a “so-called” friend not being supportive of your dreams and goals? Is an acquaintance constantly trying to bring you down? Is one of your co-workers shooting down every single one of your ideas? You will never be able to please everyone, so just do what you can and be the best person you can be. Those who can’t stand it shouldn’t even be around you in the first place. So get rid of those “Toxic” people and build an inner circle of Positive and Supportive people who help bring out the best in you.


Well now you have a few places to start, you know what you need to do, so get busy today and I will save a protein shake for you in Happyville.

Ten Simple Truths…




Ten Simple Truths…


~  We search for anything and everything to make us a happy…be it money, a house, a car, a person, a job, a business, retirement, recognition, or a new pair of shoes…yet we rarely look to the one place it can actually be found—inside.


~ The most painful, hardest, most gut-wrenching things we go through in life are usually our best opportunities to grow and become happier.


~ The things we see in others that irritate us the most are the exact traits in ourselves we’re not willing to look at. And often times the people we dislike the most are the ones most like us.


~ We try so hard to be unique just like everyone else.


~ When we forgive someone, it usually does nothing for the person we forgive, but the positive impact on ourselves is profound. At its root, forgiveness is about self-forgiveness.


~ The best way to get rid of fear is to actually do that thing we’re afraid of.


~ Putting together the perfect life doesn’t make anyone happy. Accepting and being grateful for our imperfect life does.


~ We spend a great deal of time consumed with what we want other people to think about us, even though they aren’t thinking about us at all because they too are consumed with what they want other people to think about them.


~We know that worrying never makes anything better…yet many of us still do it every chance we get.


~ The more we try to be liked and admired by others, the less they tend to like and admire us.


Have A Kick Ass Day!!

Are You On The Right Path To Success?




Sure I know what you’re thinking. Go ahead and say it, “What do you know about anything, and why should I listen to your advice” Well, good question anonymous reader. I am not an expert in anything.. But I have a well-earned degree from Life University, and sometimes Life is the best teacher. Besides this is just a damn Blog, Hell. Everyone has a Blog these days right? So everything you read here is just a suggestion, much like a random stranger telling you not to touch the freshly painted wall, what you do with the advice is up to you.


Alright, is it possible to achieve Success and Fulfillment in your life with just a few easy steps? I think so, worked for me, so perhaps it can work for you. If you follow these four steps perhaps they will help you achieve your goals, these step are nothing new, I’m sure you have heard them dozens of times before, but this time read them with the intent of actually taking the time to commit these to your life every day, I think if your persistent with it after a while it may become second nature to you. That’s how a person truly grows, when you no longer have to think about doing what is necessary to achieve your goals..you just do it as part of who you are!


~ Take Responsibility

Sometimes this is a tough one, But you need to realize YOU are responsible for your actions…or lack thereof. It is pretty easy just to blame someone else for our failures or missed opportunities, but honestly we have nobody to blame but ourselves because we failed to take the steps necessary to achieve a goal we made for ourselves.

If you take personal responsibility it also helps you become a better person and will earn the respect of those around you. We all make mistakes, and when we own up to them, that will build trust in those around you. If people know you take personal responsibility they will feel confident that if you mess up you will make it right, and most of all that you’re not going to blame your failure on someone else.


~ Visualize

Where have you been all my life? How did you get to where you are today? How will you get to where you want to be tomorrow? To achieve success in anything it is important to understand where you have come from and how you’re going to get to the next level in your life. If you take the time to visualize where you want to be, you start helping your mind formulate ways to achieve that next level. It’s a powerful tool and many successful people have used this method in their own life.

If you review what you have done in the past, you can also make sure that you don’t repeat the mistakes you made going into the future. Also, you can take things that did work and apply them going forward.

*Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.


~ Learn

This is something everyone should have in their life, Learning, Not just through formal education, but also through the life process itself. We are an ever evolving creature, you are not the same person you were even a year ago, and we learn new things and hopefully improve ourselves daily. Life is chaotic, and that is one of the best parts about living. The Experience. To grow as a person you need to keep an open mind to changes and new ways of doing things. We live in a world where things can change in an instant, and successful people embrace the changes instead of trying fight against them.


By keeping an open mind, we can find the knowledge we need that will help us build a better life. We need to be able to understand how this world we live in works and how to deal with the different types of people in it.


~ Appreciate

When was the last time you said “Thank You” to the grocery store bagger? Or thanked someone that held the door for you?  We sometimes get so wrapped up in our busy lives these days that many of us have forgotten how to appreciate the little things people do for us each day. Sometimes these two simple words can be a powerful tool for a successful life “Thank You”


You really need to take the time to appreciate what others bring into your life and how they help shape your life. Be grateful for the opportunities you are given, and those that are given to someone else. Being appreciative of the challenges and opportunities you are given helps you achieve new goals and opens your mind up to new ways of thinking. You should use some of that energy to pass along kindness and appreciation as well.


So there you have it folks, some fairly simple ideas for you to implement in your life, Like I said I’m not an expert on anything, but this worked for me. All you’re doing is teaching yourself to adopt new habits. Positive habits. Visualize what you want to do in your life, take responsibility for making sure that you achieve your goals. Learn from others around you and from the mistakes you have made in the past and appreciate all that you have, and those that have helped you along the way.