Choose Discipline

Did YOU know that when YOU make the Effort to Discipline yourself, it is not Punishment…It is Power, It is Effectiveness, It is Freedom!
Self Discipline opens up a world of Choices and Opportunities which would not otherwise be available to YOU…At its most basic, Self Discipline is the Practice of taking Actions which are in your own Best Interest, of following the course YOU have set for yourself…That my Friends is certainly not Punishment. In fact, it is Extremely Rewarding.
It will require Effort to stay Disciplined…The world is overflowing with Distractions which continue to grow in number…In the space of each Moment, YOU must Refresh and Renew your Commitment to staying on Track…That’s why it is so Important that your Goals closely match your Desires.
Discipline will Produce Awesomeness in your Life..So point yourself in a Direction from which YOU cannot be Deterred, and the Awesomeness that comes from Discipline will be yours.


Good Luck

Want to be Lucky in 2019?…Then look for Opportunities.
There is always Opportunity…Even in the most Dismal of times, there are things that need to be Done…The People who step Forward to do those things are the “Lucky” ones who enjoy Success….Opportunity is always Present, but it is rarely Obvious….To be Lucky, YOU must Learn to look at a Situation and see Opportunity where others see Nothing.
Lucky people are also the ones who are Prepared for Opportunity…Being Prepared requires Discipline…Discipline is not Easy…It Requires that YOU put out Sustained Effort over a long period….It takes Discipline to Learn new skills, to Accumulate Capital and to make new Contacts…And these are the kinds of things YOU will need to take Advantage of the Opportunities YOU Discover.
Want to be Lucky?..Open your Eyes to the Opportunities around YOU and Discipline yourself to make the most of them.



When someone else try’s to place some form of Discipline upon YOU it can seem like a form of punishment…When YOU make the effort to Discipline yourself, it is not a punishment…It is Power…It is Effectiveness…It is Freedom!

Self Discipline opens up a world of choices and opportunities which would not otherwise be available to YOU…At its most basic, Self Discipline is the practice of taking actions which are in your own best interest, of following the course YOU have set for yourself…That is certainly not punishment. In fact, it is extremely rewarding.

Indeed it is an effort to stay Disciplined…The world is overflowing with distractions which continue to grow in number and persuasiveness. In the space of each moment, YOU must refresh and renew your commitment to staying on track. That’s why it is so important that your goals closely match your most Awesome desires.

Discipline will produce Awesome results…Point yourself in a direction from which YOU cannot be deterred, and the rewards of Discipline will be yours.


Effort..Even a little Effort, over time, can make a YUGE difference…We can make small improvements and in time those small improvements can add up to an enormous advantage!
So how can YOU live today just a little bit better than yesterday?…There are thousands of Awesome possibilities.
Too often we strive for sudden, dramatic changes, and almost as often we are disappointed when they are beyond our reach. Yet the little improvements, the ones no one notices, are the most reliable and consistent way to move forward.
Yes, it takes Discipline, but so what?…Discipline is nothing more than desire that has become smart and has learned what works.
Reach for the big dreams, to be sure…And do it by taking small steps forward at every opportunity. Today is one of those opportunities to take a small, yet significant step. Take it now while YOU can, and tomorrow YOU will indeed be thankful YOU did.


I will be the first to admit that constant self discipline is not easy. It is the price YOU pay for achievement. YOU basically have two choices in your life. YOU can chose the “easy” life, a life free from effort and self discipline, or YOU can chose to pay the price for success.

At any given moment, the “easy” life of leisure and fun is the most effortless choice. The rewards are immediate. It is easier to spend the day at the lake than to spend the day working. It is easier to sit in front of the TV than it is to read a book or write a business plan.

In the long run, however, the easy life leads to mediocrity. If YOU don’t do much, nothing much gets done. Your life gets nowhere.

A life of effort and self discipline is more difficult on a daily basis. YOU have to get out of bed early every morning. YOU sometimes have to do things that are unpleasant. It isn’t always fun. But YOU end up accomplishing something. YOU make something of your life. All those days spent working and disciplining yourself will eventually pay off.

YOU can choose to pay the price of discipline now, today, and every day. Or YOU can chose to pay later with the price of regret. Just imagine how YOU would feel, knowing YOU could have had success, accomplishment, and wealth, but didn’t do it because YOU chose the easy life.

Just imagine the depth of pain YOU would feel when you realize it’s too late, that YOU no longer have the energy or the opportunity to make something of yourself. Wouldn’t YOU rather pay the small price of self-discipline now, and look back at a life of accomplishment?

Put the work in now! Go earn those Sprinkles!

How To Win At Parenting!



Let’s face it raising kids in the modern world is a challenge, It can be a labor of love, pain, and sacrifice. I believe it was Abraham Lincoln who once said  “Rearing a calf (child) is for the birds!”  I could be wrong on who exactly made that quote but Old Abe is always my go to guy.

So bringing a child from the Infant form up to the Eighteen year old semi-adult form can be frustrating, usually exhausting and rarely worth the effort. ( Except in the case of my children, they were totally worth it) But I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way, I’ve done the research, and learned creative parenting techniques from some of the modern world’s greatest parents, such as Courtney Love, Kris Jenner/Kardashian, Bobby Brown and a few others that asked me not to mention their names due to some child custody cases they are involved in.

What do all these parents have in common? They all practice a form of Parenting called  “El padre perezoso”  or  “The Lazy Parent”  they all swear by this type of parenting, it’s where you put your needs first, then perhaps the child’s needs, the theory behind this type of parenting is that if the parent is happy then everyone one else in the house will be happy, it’s the  “trickledown”  effect.  So go ahead Parent, reach for another cold one, grab the remote and let those kids of yours know that you have needs too!

So to truly master the  “El padre perezoso”  parenting style there are some things you should always keep in mind, like taking every opportunity you can to arm wrestle with your children. This will teach them how to lose with dignity and it also has the added bonus of letting them know who is boss. But I would recommend stopping this practice when they are big enough to beat you up. Some parents use bribery as a way to get their child to comply, but that really is ineffective and can lead to discipline problems that’s why the  “El padre perezoso”  parenting style recommends using Blackmail, it is far more effective and can last a lifetime in some cases.

Do you know what children really like?  They like Surprises! Face it, kids get bored pretty easily, so try livening things up by creating a fun and totally unpredictable household. Cook them dinner anytime between four and midnight. Come home from work at a different time each day. Promise to take them to Disneyland then forget you ever mentioned it. Lose your temper, then laugh hysterically. Kids just love to be kept on their toes.

Be direct with your kids,  “El padre perezoso”  parents don’t sugarcoat anything.  For example, if your child does something stupid, make eye contact with them and say  “You are really stupid”  then give them constructive advice…”Do it this way next time stupid…”

Avoid being pestered by your kids by simply giving your kids anything they want. Believe me the novelty of having everything they want will soon wear off and when they are sixteen they will renounce capitalism and probably become a priest or nun.  This way you will avoid really big ticket items like cars, weddings, etc.  Also your children need to learn that you are only human, they must learn that their parents are fallible.  Show them it’s ok to make mistakes by seeing all the mistakes you make, like sleeping with your friends spouse, developing a drinking problem and getting your car repossessed as you pick them up at school. This will make your children happier and more confident as adults.

Some kids like to say they have imaginary friends, well don’t be fooled by this, they are trying to pull a fast one on you. To prove it, wrap up an empty box for their birthday and tell your kid it’s an imaginary PlayStation 5. The imaginary friend will soon make a quick disappearance. One way to help foster independence in your child is by sending them out to buy your cigarettes.

Help your children develop a social conscience by taking them into the nearest city to spot homeless people sleeping in the park. Explain that many people become homeless because of an intolerable situation at home. Remind them of this fact every time they get on your last nerve.

And lastly, who hasn’t dealt with a child having a tantrum when a child is angry, they will often want to get even. Why not encourage him to express his feelings by breaking into the house of the person who has angered them and spray-painting on the walls a list of all the horrible things that they want to do to that person. Your kids will soon recognize the absurdity of their behavior, their anger will disappear and they will return home laughing…No harm done!

So welcome to a brand new world of modern parenting  “El padre perezoso”  isn’t time to put the parent first? We think so.

This is satire, you would be a horrible parent and human being if you actually tried any of this, so just laugh and continue doing the right thing.

What Gym Rats Know That You Should Learn…



Sure I know what you might be thinking what can a Gym Rat teach me besides lifting weights? Well first of all if you’re one of those people who judge other’s based on stereotypes and appearances then get the Hell out of this blog. Don’t need your type around here.

Let me just start by saying Gym Rats shall one day rule the earth and there is nothing you can do to stop it, so you better just start working on assimilating as fast as you can.. It’s your only chance. Alright so perhaps you actually don’t want to be a Gym Rat, I guess I can understand stand why, but honestly you should want to be one, and not for the reason’s you’re probably thinking.

Take a look at yourself in the mirror, wouldn’t it be pretty cool to have chest that stretch’s out your shirt’s seams and biceps that get the girls all goo goo eyed. Now picture yourself walking into a store and having people turn their heads to stare at you in awe as you walk past them.

“Hey, did you see that dude? He’s Huge!!”

But…You could be thinking, I don’t want to be a Gym Rat, they are all Conceited…Vain…Musclebound most likely insecure and trying to compensate for something. Or how about, All those weightlifters are just shallow egotistical narcissists. They are probably soulless just like Gingers (kidding)…All body, No brain!

Maybe after reading that you’re thinking what the Hell could I possibly learn from them.

Well, Frankly…A lot more than you might think.

I will tell you this, there are many things about weightlifting that many people just don’t understand. They just don’t grasp it, all you can do as a non-lifter is judge, unfairly I might add and use those stereotypical descriptions of something that is actually hard and something that requires dedication and commitment.

And when I say Hard…I mean really freaking Hard!

If you know anything about some of the top athletes in the sport, the Olympians…Powerlifter’s…Strongmen…you will understand that they have accomplished something few people are capable of. They actually built themselves.

Nearly everyone has tried to lose weight at some point, which in theory is pretty easy because fat loss is a natural byproduct of correct eating. But for someone to grow muscle. That is a different animal entirely. Your body doesn’t like the idea much of growing muscle and it will resist the best it can.

So keep that in mind, while I try to give you insight to the qualities that truly make a successful weightlifter. All successful  “Gym Rats”  typically share these traits.

And YES you can learn something from them…


Know The Inner You

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing in life, you will never achieve your goals if you’re not willing to look deep inside yourself and face your demons.

And nothing will make you face those demons as quick than that last rep on the bench. The one you didn’t think you could push up, that hard fought last rep.

You learn so much about yourself when you are willing to push yourself to your limits…Not the limits people place on you, Not even the limits you set for yourself, I’m talking about the point of complete Mental and Physical failure limits where you think your body cannot go any damn further…This is true failure…physical collapse.

Gym Rats face this daily…Many times over.


Pursue Your Passion

You’re not going to add 20-30 pounds of muscle to your frame by chance and you can’t squat double or triple your bodyweight through God-given talent alone…It’s take a pure Dedication to the craft…Pure Determination.

You need Persistence, the type of Persistence that can only come when someone has found their Passion.

The elite weightlifters are some of the most passionate people you will meet. A person doing this craft needs to be, putting yourself through the intense rigors of lifting day in and day out, is a grueling process. You will never last if you’re not truly passionate about it.

Gym Rats have this Passion…And they pursue it with all the brutal intensity that it deserves.


Personal Sacrifice

To reach the goals you set for yourself it will require Sacrifice. Something most people would choose to ignore.

But a weightlifter knows that strength can only be built through pain. There is no other way, they have to accept that simple fact and they don’t bitch about it, they don’t complain about how unfair it is…that other lifters have bigger bi’s or that  “Dan”  is over there out-deadlifting him by 100 pounds.

The lifter knows that Dan worked his ass off for those extra 100 pounds. And he knows that he will have to do the same if he wants to achieve that level of success.

Gym Rats are willing to make the Sacrifices that are necessary…They will Sacrifice their comfort…They will Sacrifice their time…They will Sacrifice the Friday nights out at the bars, sleeping late in the mornings and buffet lunches at Jade Garden.

Perhaps even after a set of 20 heavy squats they will sacrifice that lunch all over the mat.


Iron Builds Iron

Weightlifting is a beautiful thing in my opinion, it’s all about growth, and I’m not just talking about muscle growth. Because what is the pursuit of strength if not an attempt at personal growth…To better yourself.

I think it is impossible to build strength of body without building strength of mind. The effort that is required to truly change your body is resistance on a whole different level. And this resistance must be overcome…Resistance that makes you stronger.

So the more that you give to the Iron…The more the struggle, blood and pain…The more it gives you in return…The more of its own qualities you embody.

You will become the Iron…Iron body…Iron mind.

There are so many people out there who are looking for a sure-fire way to build their own willpower. To build their character. They will search the internet looking for tips and tricks to help strengthen their mind and empower themselves.

Rarely do they ever consider the simple and proven methods before their eyes. Yes, all it takes is a trip to the local gym.

Gym Rats understand the fortitude that weight lifting builds…they have it because they have earned it.

So next time you see some big Gym Rat, don’t be so quick to judge

How many times have you seen a well-muscled guy and thought  “He must spend all day in the gym… Dude needs a life.”

Guess what, he has a life…And there is a good chance it’s probably a lot better than yours. Maybe we all tried living a bit more like the  “Gym Rats”  we might have more to show for our own efforts.


Back When I Was In School…




I know I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but it’s pretty obvious that there are some major issues going on with today’s youth. Especially in large urban areas, there are many factors as to why this is happening, but I want to focus on just one, because if I tried to cover them all then this would end up an E book and nobody wants that.

But I think I can touch on the subject of our Education system and try to keep this short enough that everyone doesn’t freak out and move on to a Facebook quiz.

Okay…I’m just going to say it…Our education system is going through some difficult challenges…Well at least in some areas, but even in general things have really changed even since I was in school.

Back in when I was a kid,  I think the teachers knew that kids learned best when they were stuck to their seats and not running around the classroom like a pack of Wild Boars.

There was Discipline, in my early days of schooling I went to a Private Baptist school and they did not take kindly to any type of Misbehavior , if we caused trouble we got paddled…Corporal Punishment was handed out like candy on Halloween.

I guess you could say we learned our ABC’s while being mindful of our P’s and Q’s and by the time I reached high school I had learned how to spell properly, I said the Pledge daily, I could add decently and accepted instruction with a certain blind obedience.

I think the kids of my time period had a respect for the teachers, never once did I hear of a student assaulting a teacher and honestly even the occasional kid that acted out and was Disrespectful to a Teacher seemed few and far between.

But Today? It would seem to me that the schools are out of control, and I’m really referring to the schools in large urban areas, were you hear cases of teachers being assaulted, kids running the classes through fear and intimidation, it’s like they have become Part Zoo…Part Prison…And Part Roman Orgy. I feel like I should lay the blame on the lack of instruction on basics,  like simple Mathematics and an outrageous shortage of Respect.

Looking in from the outside, I think these kids just don’t Respect anything…Least of all their Teachers. And sometimes it’s hard to blame them, It would seem a kid is free to dissect a frog and then turn his blade on his fellow students and the teacher dare not intervene for fear of stifling his creativity, facing disciplinary action or taking a 9mm   “Cap in da Ass”  as his reward. It almost seems to me that a prerequisite to becoming a Teacher these days would be having prior experience as a bank hostage.

Is it fair to say in some areas the students are running the show? It’s like they descend on their schools like a Mongol Horde and Roam the hallways screaming and fighting while thumbing their noses at authority. Someone told me once that they are not reading  “The Lord of the Flies” …they are acting it out on a daily basis. No wonder we are churning out a generation of Feral Menaces… Anarchy and Disrespect have become a core curriculum.

Honestly, this insanity needs to end, You can turn on the news and see the Mayhem that goes on in large urban areas, kids are getting killed because they never learned to Respect the Authority…And then turn around and blame the Authority when they have to take control of the Chaos. It’s time to instill Discipline back into the schools, have the Teachers in control, and earn the Respect they deserve…And by God start the day with the Pledge of Allegiance.