Believe In Yourself

I think YOU Deserve to be more Confident than YOU are…Don’t be so Hard on Yourself…Let Go of those Persistent Doubts and let Confidence take their place.
Maybe YOU have Realized it yet…Maybe YOU just Forget…Maybe YOU are Surrounded by People who don’t build YOU up…But my friend YOU are a Winner and a Achiever…Occasionally life can make YOU feel Helpless, YOU are actually Someone who is very Good at finding ways to get things Done.
The Fact is, YOU are Skilled and Resourceful, Capable and Experienced…When YOU want to be, YOU can be Passionate, Inspired, Persistent and Highly Effective.
No one Benefits when YOU hold Yourself back…So go ahead, Believe in Yourself, give Yourself the Confidence YOU Deserve and do those Great and Awesome Things that are Yours to do.



Did YOU know that what YOU think of yourself is reflected in the way YOU treat others?…A great way to boost your own level of Confidence is by treating those around YOU in a Positive manner.
Being rude toward others, whether intentional or not, is a sure sign of a lack of Confidence…When YOU have no Respect or Consideration for others, it’s difficult to have much Confidence in yourself.
The more genuine Respect, Consideration and Courtesy YOU express toward those around YOU, the more your own Confidence will grow.
Have the Confidence to be Courteous, and the Confidence to act with genuine Respect toward others…Your Positive Attitude and Positive Actions will empower YOU with even more Confidence, Energy and Yes, Awesomeness!



Guess what…YOU are the Landlord of your mind and YOU alone get to decide which thoughts YOU allow to live there. So wouldn’t it make sense to fill that space with the most Positive, Productive, Empowering thoughts possible?!
If YOU have nagging doubts or poisonous resentments living there causing YOU problems, YOU have the power to evict them from your mind….And once they’re gone, it makes space available for thoughts of Gratitude, Confidence, and Kick-Assness.
Those Positive thoughts are the ones which will reliably pay the rent, month after month, year after year…And there are plenty of good, Positive thoughts from which to choose.
The thoughts that take up long-term residence in your mind will play a major role in determining the quality of your life…So fill your mind with the best, most Positive thoughts YOU can find.
Insist on only the best in your thinking, and that’s what YOU will get…Even if YOU can control nothing else in your life, YOU can indeed exercise powerful and effective control over the thoughts that occupy your mind….And by so doing, YOU will make it a great place to be.