It Could Be YOU!


One Day, Someone is going to take that Awesome Idea YOU have Always had and Make It Happen…Someone will Grab Hold of that Fantastic Opportunity YOU See before YOU and They will make the Most of it…Someone will make a Fortune Using Knowledge very much like the Knowledge YOU already have…Someone will Achieve Amazing Success Using Skills just Like Yours.
There will be Someone who takes the Action necessary to Bring the Awesome Possibilities to Life…Someone will and that Someone can be YOU!
Even if Life’s Circumstances are Less than Perfect, Someone will See that those Circumstances are a Perfect place from which to Start…Someone will Make that Start and have the Commitment to See it Through.
Chances are when Success does come to that Someone, Others will See that certain Someone as Lucky, as being in the Right Place at the Right Time…Yet that Someone will Know that Action and Persistence were what Truly made it Happen.
Someone will Start from this Very Day and Continue all the way to a Spectacular Success of His or Her own Choosing. Open your Eyes, Be Willing to Act, See Clearly the Awesome Possibilities that Today will Offer and that Someone will be YOU.


What are YOU Afraid of today?…Do YOU know that most of your Fears would Disappear if YOU would just simply Decide to Walk right up to them…Fear has only the Power that YOU Allow it to have.

Your Fears can Intimidate YOU or they can Illuminate YOU… The Choice is Entirely up to YOU.

Your Fears can Stop YOU or they can Prepare YOU…And YOU get to Decide which it will be.

Listen to each Fear just long enough to Absorb the Useful and Reasonable Information it may contain…Then Realize that once that is Done, it is Time to Move on Beyond the Fear.

On the other side of Fear, there is Value, there is Accomplishment, there is Fulfillment…See Fear as the Gateway that it is and make the Choice to Carefully and Persistently go Through it.

Allow the Fear to Prepare YOU well, then Move on Past It. And be Amazed at the Awesome Things YOU truly can do.


Let’s Play A Game

Let’s play a Game, see if YOU can Guess what I am talking about…What can Turn a Crappy Day into a Day that is Positive and Exciting?…What can Transform your daily Mundane tasks from a Burden into something Enjoyable?
What can make Fantastic, Awesome Possibilities suddenly Appear all around YOU?…What can draw Positive People and Positive Experiences toward YOU in any Situation?
What can Open the Door to a World Filled with Awesomeness?…What can Enable YOU to Learn, to Achieve, to Grow and to Prosper?
What can Change Problems into Opportunities?…What can pick YOU up and get YOU moving Forward after even the most Difficult Setbacks?
What is “IT” and what makes “IT” so Powerful?…It’s your ATTITUDE and when it is a Positively Focused one it can Truly Change your Entire World.
The World in which YOU Live is Shaped by the way YOU Choose to See it…Carry a Positive, Thankful, Forward-Looking ATTITUDE with YOU and Wherever YOU go, YOU will be able to do Great and Amazing Things.


It All Matters

Never Forget Everything YOU do Matters!…What YOU eat today, the Workout YOU did or didn’t do, the Comments YOU made to your kids, how fast YOU drive down the street, the show YOU watched last night…It ALL Matters…It ALL makes up the Awesome Fabric of your Life.
Every Moment YOU are doing Something that Matters, Something that makes a Difference…Every Moment Weaves its way into your Experience, into the Person YOU are, into the Person YOU are Becoming.
YOU truly have the Awesome Responsibility and the Amazing Opportunity of being Alive, of being Capable of Freaking Greatness…The Possibilities available to YOU in just a single Moment are Countless…Over the Course of your Lifetime the Possibilities are almost Unimaginable.
Everything YOU do Matters…Every Moment is a Treasure waiting to be Opened…Nothing is Small or Insignificant, because it is all part of your Life…Appreciate the Wonder that is in each Moment of Living….Make the Most of it, because it ALL Matters.



Choose Discipline

Did YOU know that when YOU make the Effort to Discipline yourself, it is not Punishment…It is Power, It is Effectiveness, It is Freedom!
Self Discipline opens up a world of Choices and Opportunities which would not otherwise be available to YOU…At its most basic, Self Discipline is the Practice of taking Actions which are in your own Best Interest, of following the course YOU have set for yourself…That my Friends is certainly not Punishment. In fact, it is Extremely Rewarding.
It will require Effort to stay Disciplined…The world is overflowing with Distractions which continue to grow in number…In the space of each Moment, YOU must Refresh and Renew your Commitment to staying on Track…That’s why it is so Important that your Goals closely match your Desires.
Discipline will Produce Awesomeness in your Life..So point yourself in a Direction from which YOU cannot be Deterred, and the Awesomeness that comes from Discipline will be yours.



Did YOU happen to get a Purpose for Christmas?…We all need a Purpose, we all need a Purpose that Defines us..Then we need to Live that Purpose and by doing so it will bring Unstoppable Power and Persistence to our Actions.
There is a Purpose that Fulfills YOU…Find and Understand that Purpose and YOU will Achieve Awesome things.
There is a Purpose that is YOU…But how do YOU Uncover that Purpose?
Learn to let go of all the Things that Ultimately have no lasting Meaning…Choose to Look at Life and to See what YOU know, rather than what Others tell YOU that YOU should See.
Seek that which is Real, that which has Substance and the Purpose that is your Own will become clear…Stay Connected to that Purpose and Experience its Awesome Power.


You Had A Purpose Before Anyone Had An Opinion

STOP trying to Please everybody…If YOU are Constantly worried about what others will Think, YOU will surely Sabotage your Greatest Accomplishments before YOU even start them.
Instead, Be Kind, Be Thoughtful, Be Considerate and Show Compassion…Yet don’t be a Slave to the Opinions of others.
And by all Means, hold Yourself to the Highest Standards…Just be sure they are Truly your Standards and not merely Fears about what others may Think.
Live and Act true to what YOU know is Right and Appropriate, and Valuable…Follow your Heart, your Desires, your Intuition and your own Awesome Dreams.
My Friends, YOU can Achieve whatever YOU Choose if YOU will just have the Confidence and Persistence to see it all the way through…Whatever others might Say or Think, Create the Awesomeness in your Life that is yours to Create.


You Are What You Think!

I believe when YOU can see the Beauty, YOU become Beautiful…When YOU can Appreciate and Value Achievement, YOU become Successful.
What YOU Build and Treasure within YOU flows into every corner of your Life….What YOU have within YOU is what YOU truly have.
Fill your Heart with Love and Love will soon surround YOU… Fill your Thoughts with Gratitude and Abundance will be yours.
The Priorities YOU hold within YOU will determine the Realities YOU come to know…Those things you Treasure deeply will grow to fill your World.
The person YOU appear to be on the Outside is only a faint reflection…It’s who YOU are Inside that really matters.
Fill yourself inside with Love, with Real Purpose, with Happiness and Hope and Integrity and Awesomeness…It all will flow out from YOU in a Awesome and Splendid way.



Someone once told me the most Successful job YOU will ever have is being YOU…YOU were born for it, YOU are perfectly equipped for it and YOU will find real fulfillment in being the person YOU are.
The most impressive YOU will ever be is by being YOU…That will make a far more Positive and Valuable impact than trying to imitate some celebrity or fall victim to internet group think.
The most value YOU will ever create is by being YOU…YOU have many unique and worthwhile things to contribute to life, and the more YOU truly give of yourself, the better life will be.
When YOU come to a fork in the road, and have trouble deciding which way to go, be YOU. Take the path that more closely expresses the Distinctive and Irreplaceable person YOU are.
The Happiest YOU will ever be is by being YOU…There’s a reason why Happiness feels so good, and that reason is to encourage YOU to be the Happy and Fulfilled person YOU are meant to be.
In you there is Greatness that YOU have just barely begun to realize…Be YOU, and let your own special Awesomeness fill the world with light.

Focus On The Positive

With all the Negativity out there, sometimes when we let our guard down that Negativity can affect us…That’s why it’s important to think about all the things that are Right with your life…Think about the Awesome and Important relationships, skills, tools, resources and opportunities that YOU have right here, right now.
Focus on what’s right with your life, and make the commitment to make it grow…Focus on what’s right with your life, and make the effort to use that Awesomeness to make even more.
It’s easy to complain about what’s wrong. But not only does that miss the point, it keeps YOU stuck in a crappy, ineffectual perspective.
The fact is, there are plenty of good things in your life…The more YOU pay attention to them, the more thankful YOU are for them, the more of them there will be.
If you catch yourself feeling sorry for yourself, have the good sense to stop….Re-direct your energy into feeling lucky for the opportunity YOU have to make a real, meaningful difference.
Focus on your good fortune…It’s most definitely there, and YOU can use it to make a whole lot more Awesomeness in your life.