Make A Positive Difference!

Do YOU have a Positive Attitude today?…I know sometimes it can be Difficult to be Positive, but that’s Precisely when being Positive can make the Biggest Difference…When YOU don’t Feel like being Focused and Disciplined, that’s when Focus and Discipline can Impact your Life the Greatest.

Just because Conditions in your Life may be Challenging, doesn’t mean YOU have to be Negative about them…YOU have an Opportunity to make a Positive Difference and the Best way to do that is to be the Positive Difference.

If everything in Life was Perfect, YOU would have Nothing Useful to do…Be Truly Thankful for the Opportunity to be Useful and Seize that Opportunity.

Be the Difference, see a Better World and Work to bring that Better World to Life…Be the Difference and make the Positive Difference that YOU are here to make.


Take Control

As YOU all know, sometimes Bad Things happen to Good People…But it is Exactly when Things are at their Worst that YOU can make the Most Difference…When Everything is going against YOU, is the Best Time to take Positive Action that will get Things going in the Right Direction for YOU.
The Best Cure for Discouragement is Action…Don’t just sit there Feeling sorry for yourself, do Something!…YOU got into this Situation…YOU can get yourself out and move Forward to a Life of Success and Achievement…It all Starts when YOU begin to take Control of your own Destiny…Realize that your Actions Determine your Future.
Haven’t YOU had Enough already? Start Working your way out, right now…Some of Life’s Greatest Accomplishments come when Positive Action is taken in the midst of a Discouraging Situation.
What can YOU do Today, right now, that will Move YOU Forward?…Stop Feeling Sorry for yourself and take Control of your Life…Set your Sights on the Future and do it now.


Be Thankful

Are YOU Thankful?…It’s easy to be Thankful when all is Well, when Life is Good, when there are no Difficulties or Dark Clouds on the Horizon…Yet it is during those times when Problems and Hardships abound that Thankfulness can bring the most Value.
Being truly Thankful enables YOU to See, to Appreciate, and Value the Awesomeness that Life gives YOU every single day, even on the most Difficult of Days.
Imagine the Power of saying to yourself during a difficult Experience… “I am truly Thankful for this Opportunity.”… No matter what the Situation may be, such an Attitude can Connect YOU with the Positive Possibilities that are most certainly there.
Don’t be the Knucklehead who is not Thankful until they have something for which to be Thankful for…Realize that there’s always Something to be Thankful for and your Thankfulness will Enable YOU to see it.


Victim Or Victor?

How will YOU Choose to Live today…As a Victim or As a Victor?

Victims say “I’m too busy.”…Victors say “I’ll find the time.” Victims look for Excuses not to even make an Attempt…Victors look for ways to Get It Done…Victims ask for Pity…Victors look for Challenge.

Victims worry about who is to Blame…Victors find a way to make a Difference….Victims Complain…Victors take Action. Victims find Comfort in the Weakness of others…Victors Help others to Develop their Strengths.

Victims Agonize over yesterday’s Losses…Victors Prepare for the Opportunities of Tomorrow…Victims take Credit…Victors Accept Responsibility….Victims search for Quick and Easy answers to their Problems…Victors spend the Time and Effort needed to Build the Life they Desire.

In each day are Abundant Opportunities for YOU to be a Victim and just as many ways for YOU to be a Victor…The Choice is yours…How do you wish to live today?

Break Free!

Let’s face it, Life can get complicated when we make it so…But YOU don’t have to make it that way.
When YOU try to avoid life and insulate yourself from reality, YOU can make it unbearably complicated. When YOU fight against what is, and obsess over what has been, the complications YOU create can become a virtual prison.
But guess what, YOU can walk out of that prison at any time. Simply choose to accept the reality of the moment and to deal with life it as it comes.
Stop worrying about what is not yet real and may never be. Instead, live with discipline and value, with purpose and commitment, making the very most of this moment right NOW.
Let go of the anger, regret, resentment and pain of what has already happened. Instead, find something real about this moment right NOW for which YOU can be truly thankful, and give the best of yourself to it.
Allow life to happen, and the complications of your own making melt away. Allow life to happen, and YOU are free to fully experience its true richness.

Disappointment Into Determination!

It occasionally happens that YOU become disappointed in yourself.  When that occurs, choose to transform that disappointment into determination.

Many times YOU will become disappointed by the words or actions of others.  At such times, YOU can take the power of that disappointment and transform it into effective, purposeful determination.

Experiencing the shortfalls in life can actually give YOU increased positive energy to create real improvements. YOU have the opportunity to take a bad thing and transform it into a good thing.

Disappointment is powerful because it commands your attention, and focuses your thoughts on what YOU envision for life. When YOU feel that happening, what you’re feeling is the chance to make a positive change in your approach.

So go ahead, and feel the legitimate disappointment, but don’t let it disappoint YOU for long. Know right away that YOU can let it inspire YOU, motivate YOU, and create an unstoppable determination.

Grab the opportunity that disappointment brings. Feel, in a new and powerful way, your desire to move forward, and put the energy of that feeling immediately to work.


You Deserve It!


YOU deserve it! That’s right my friend…YOU. Nobody deserves to succeed more than YOU. No one deserves to be happy and fulfilled more than YOU.

YOU are just as worthy and deserving as anyone I know. But, being worthy and deserving is not enough. It is totally up to YOU to live the life YOU deserve. It is up to YOU to set the goals, develop the plans and take the actions which will bring the success YOU deserve.

Sorry but no one can do it for YOU…YOU must take the initiative to fulfill your own incredible potential. YOU deserve it…And YOU can make it happen.

Sure, it’s easy to listen to those weak minded, negative people who say YOU are undeserving. And it would be easy to listen to those who promise YOU something for nothing. But they are all wrong! No matter who YOU are, YOU can and YOU must make your own effort to live your own possibilities. No one can hold YOU back and no one can do it for YOU!

The world is filled with opportunity for YOU…Make today the day YOU grab it and run with it. YOU my friend deserve the very best and YOU are the only one who can make sure YOU get it!

Keep Going!

When you have a long way to go, keep going. When you’ve almost reached the goal, keep going.

Success is achieved by those who simply do whatever it takes to keep going. All it ever takes, is taking the next step.

When you’re frustrated, make note of your frustration and keep going. When you’re tired and weary, take time out for a little rest, and then keep going.

The real joy is in the journey, so give yourself the joy of making that journey. Pick yourself up, again and again, and keep going.

You know full well that you can do it, so do it. Remind yourself why you’ve chosen to get there, and keep going.

You are a bundle of beautiful and unique possibilities. Keep going, and bring the best of them to life.

Find Your Courage!


Countless possibilities swarm around you, every minute, every day. Live with the courage, the confidence, to choose.

The best possibilities are useless if you do not make the choice to follow them.

The best opportunities have value only when you choose to act on them.

You cannot do everything, and wouldn’t want to. However, you can do what you choose.

To do that, you must make a choice, and commit to that choice, and act on that choice. Choose a possibility to explore, an opportunity to take, a path to follow.

No choice is going to be perfect, but don’t let that deter you. Because once you make the choice, you have what it takes to make the best of that choice.

The right choice is the one that enables you to give your best. Make the choice, and use it as a way to create great value for your world.

Find Your Courage!

What I Learned This Halloween…Trick or Treaters Who Are Clearly Too Damn Old To Be Trick or Treating!


If a Trick or Treater does any of the following they are clearly too old to be Trick or Treating:


  1. They are carrying high-end Gucci Trick or Treat bags


  1. They are carrying signs that say“Fuck Trump”and

“Snowden Is A Hero”  then they begin protesting on

your front lawn.


  1. They are smoking a cigarette and have facial hair.


  1. They are driving a nicer car than you own.


  1. They try to sell you Herbalife products.


  1. They are dressed like Bill and Hillary Clinton, but it’s

actually Bill and Hillary Clinton.


  1. They ask if you have a drive-thru.


  1. They ask if you want to be in a movie, dressed as Harvey



  1. They are dressed like hookers, then they tell you their



  1. They ask if you have any beer.