When someone else try’s to place some form of Discipline upon YOU it can seem like a form of punishment…When YOU make the effort to Discipline yourself, it is not a punishment…It is Power…It is Effectiveness…It is Freedom!

Self Discipline opens up a world of choices and opportunities which would not otherwise be available to YOU…At its most basic, Self Discipline is the practice of taking actions which are in your own best interest, of following the course YOU have set for yourself…That is certainly not punishment. In fact, it is extremely rewarding.

Indeed it is an effort to stay Disciplined…The world is overflowing with distractions which continue to grow in number and persuasiveness. In the space of each moment, YOU must refresh and renew your commitment to staying on track. That’s why it is so important that your goals closely match your most Awesome desires.

Discipline will produce Awesome results…Point yourself in a direction from which YOU cannot be deterred, and the rewards of Discipline will be yours.

Add Value

Sometimes when YOU add a little Perspective to a problem, it can become a Challenge…Add a little Understanding to a Challenge and it becomes an Opportunity.
Add Energy, Effort and Commitment to an Opportunity and it becomes an Achievement…Put true Purpose into Achievement and it becomes Fulfillment.
Life is what it is, and yet it does not have to stay that way…YOU can add to it in your own Unique and Awesome ways.
Life’s Awesomeness is found not so much in what comes to YOU as in what YOU do with it…Choose to add to it, in beautiful, empowering, enriching ways, and make life’s richness even more so.

Focus On The Positive

With all the Negativity out there, sometimes when we let our guard down that Negativity can affect us…That’s why it’s important to think about all the things that are Right with your life…Think about the Awesome and Important relationships, skills, tools, resources and opportunities that YOU have right here, right now.
Focus on what’s right with your life, and make the commitment to make it grow…Focus on what’s right with your life, and make the effort to use that Awesomeness to make even more.
It’s easy to complain about what’s wrong. But not only does that miss the point, it keeps YOU stuck in a crappy, ineffectual perspective.
The fact is, there are plenty of good things in your life…The more YOU pay attention to them, the more thankful YOU are for them, the more of them there will be.
If you catch yourself feeling sorry for yourself, have the good sense to stop….Re-direct your energy into feeling lucky for the opportunity YOU have to make a real, meaningful difference.
Focus on your good fortune…It’s most definitely there, and YOU can use it to make a whole lot more Awesomeness in your life.

In A Relationship?

Are YOU having trouble maintaining Positive relationships in your life? Remember YOU cannot gain the support of others by Shaming or Lecturing them…YOU won’t succeed through Begging or Desperation.

The way to earn Respect is to be Respectful, Helpful and Honest…The way to be Loved is to give Love without requiring or expecting Love in return.

People don’t really care so much about who YOU are or what YOU have or the things YOU have done…In my opinion, people care far more about how YOU treat them.

YOU already know all this, and have for most of your life, yet situations arise when YOU are tempted to forget what YOU know, just to get the attention from someone who does NOT deserve to be in your life…Let this be your reminder to NOT give in to that temptation.

YOU show people YOU care about them, with your Words, Actions, Priorities, and people are more likely to care about YOU…The best relationships come from putting your Highest and most Awesome qualities into them.

Positive Attitude

Sometimes it is hard to have a Positive Attitude, but having a Positive Attitude is one of the most powerful tools YOU have in Life…Even when there’s no reason to be Happy, Appreciative or Grateful, those qualities benefit YOU greatly.
When darkness is all around, it is still possible to shine a light. And a light in the darkness can abruptly change the situation for the better.
If YOU are surrounded by despair, be different than the despair…When YOU encounter negativity of any kind, respond in a Positive way.
What matters most is what happens next…And what happens next is influenced by your Attitude and Actions.
Whatever else the moment may hold, it also holds the possibility for Awesomeness…Shine your light on the best possibilities, and then act to follow them.
Positive is always possible…With a positive response, you can turn life around when life needs it the most.

5 Reasons

I have a mission for YOU today…I want YOU to give yourself five Reasons why this will be the best damn day ever! YOU already have the skill and experience at engaging your imagination so try putting it to use in a Positive way.
How many times have YOU considered doing something, and then thought of all the Reasons why YOU cannot?..Today, use that same power to think of Reasons why YOU can, and why YOU will.
It is just as easy to be Positive and Ambitious as it is to be Negative and Disillusioned…The difference is in the Choice YOU make.
Direct the power of your thinking and the power of your life where they will do you some real good…Create an inspiring scenario in your thoughts, then step forward and live the reality of those thoughts.
Choose an Attitude and a set of Expectations that will support your life and your highest dreams…The Fulfillment of those dreams is not only possible, it is yours to start living right now.
The goal of today’s mission is simple, get in the habit of listing all the Reasons why YOU can, why YOU will, and why YOU must…Then get busy, for where your thoughts lead, your life will surely follow.


Effort..Even a little Effort, over time, can make a YUGE difference…We can make small improvements and in time those small improvements can add up to an enormous advantage!
So how can YOU live today just a little bit better than yesterday?…There are thousands of Awesome possibilities.
Too often we strive for sudden, dramatic changes, and almost as often we are disappointed when they are beyond our reach. Yet the little improvements, the ones no one notices, are the most reliable and consistent way to move forward.
Yes, it takes Discipline, but so what?…Discipline is nothing more than desire that has become smart and has learned what works.
Reach for the big dreams, to be sure…And do it by taking small steps forward at every opportunity. Today is one of those opportunities to take a small, yet significant step. Take it now while YOU can, and tomorrow YOU will indeed be thankful YOU did.

You Can Do It!

If there is something YOU truly wish to do, there is a way to get it done…There is a way to cut through all the objections, obstacles and excuses to make it happen.
If YOU don’t know how, then YOU can learn…If YOU can’t find anyone to teach YOU, then YOU can figure out your own approach.
If YOU don’t have time, examine and update your priorities…. Remember why it’s important to YOU, and keep remembering as YOU continue taking effective action.
If it seems way too overwhelming, start with just a tiny first step. If YOU are not progressing fast enough, use a little bit of innovation to leverage your efforts.
Achievement is one of life’s greatest adventures…YOU owe it to yourself to enjoy as much of it as YOU possibly can.
Set yourself a meaningful goal and add some great new value to your world…Make the commitment to start right now, and YOU will quickly find that there’s a way.

Think Before YOU Act!

Have YOU ever done something foolish and then asked yourself afterward, “why did I do that?” It’s a good question. In fact its such a good question that it deserves to be pondered before taking action.
We’re tempted to do so many things out of habit, out of spite, or out of anger…More often than not, we come to regret the things we do and the words we say under such circumstances.
Yet it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s really very simple to act, speak and live with intention…Just ask yourself, before taking action, what YOU expect to accomplish. Think of the pain that could be avoided by that simple question…Consider how much wasted effort could be redirected toward accomplishing something of value, just by acting with a little bit of forethought.
What do YOU expect to accomplish with what YOU are doing?…There’s no point in taking action, if it doesn’t get YOU anywhere…So think before YOU do. It only takes a moment, yet it can bring a lifetime of valuable rewards.


Yes, there will always be Obstacles in your life…Just don’t let yourself be one of them.
Your own Thoughts, Assumptions and Fears can hold YOU back just as well as a brick wall…And yet, just as YOU created those self-imposed Obstacles, YOU can let them go.
Yes, life is difficult and challenging, and requires great effort and commitment on your part…Instead of adding to the difficulty with your own negativity, YOU can choose to transform that difficulty into profound Awesomeness! .
Remind yourself what a privilege it is to be alive, and to be able to make a difference…Then, focus your awareness on the Positive possibilities and do what YOU do best.
Use your thoughts not to hold yourself back, but to push yourself Positively forward….Aim the power of your thoughts in a Positive, fulfilling direction and your whole life will go in that direction too.