It Could Be YOU!


One Day, Someone is going to take that Awesome Idea YOU have Always had and Make It Happen…Someone will Grab Hold of that Fantastic Opportunity YOU See before YOU and They will make the Most of it…Someone will make a Fortune Using Knowledge very much like the Knowledge YOU already have…Someone will Achieve Amazing Success Using Skills just Like Yours.
There will be Someone who takes the Action necessary to Bring the Awesome Possibilities to Life…Someone will and that Someone can be YOU!
Even if Life’s Circumstances are Less than Perfect, Someone will See that those Circumstances are a Perfect place from which to Start…Someone will Make that Start and have the Commitment to See it Through.
Chances are when Success does come to that Someone, Others will See that certain Someone as Lucky, as being in the Right Place at the Right Time…Yet that Someone will Know that Action and Persistence were what Truly made it Happen.
Someone will Start from this Very Day and Continue all the way to a Spectacular Success of His or Her own Choosing. Open your Eyes, Be Willing to Act, See Clearly the Awesome Possibilities that Today will Offer and that Someone will be YOU.

Break Free

Take a Moment this Morning and Realize that those Doubts and Fears YOU Carry around with YOU have ZERO Power over YOU Except for the Power YOU give them…At any Moment YOU can Eliminate them from your Life. Perhaps YOU have Carried those Doubts and Fears with YOU for so long that YOU Feel they are just part of YOU…They are NOT! They are only Things that YOU have Chosen to Hold on to…And when YOU Finally Choose, YOU can Let Them Go!
Imagine being Free of the Doubts, the Anxieties, the Fears. Then Realize that your Imagination is the ONLY Place where they can Possibly Exist…When YOU can Imagine being Free of them, YOU are indeed Free of them…YOU have the Power at any time to Discard them from your Life.
There is Absolutely No Need to Tolerate even one more Moment of being Less than the Best YOU can be…Let Go of those Negative Thoughts that Hold YOU Back and let yourself be FREE.



Start this day off Right, Start by Leaving your Past where it Belongs…In the Past. I have Seen far too many People who Continue to Define Themselves by Their Past…Instead, Define yourself by your Possibilities.
The only Version of YOU that now Matters is the Version of YOU Going Forward…See your Life in those Terms, from that Perspective.
The only Thing that can really Hold YOU Back is your Reluctance to Fulfill your Best Possibilities…Sure, Progress is Rarely Easy…But, it is Always Possible.
No matter what the Past has been, Today is an Awesome Opportunity for YOU…You are alive, capable, motivated and in a Position to make a Positive Difference in some way.
Look Forward, see that Opportunity and Make the Most of it. What Really Matters now is what YOU do Next, so Make it Something Freaking Awesome!



Life Is All About Choices

Life is Filled with Choices, Today YOU will have some Important ones to make…YOU can Choose to be Happy and have a Positive Outlook or YOU can Choose to be Miserable and have a Negative Outlook.

YOU can Choose to make Productive and Meaningful use of your Time Today… Or YOU can Choose to let the Time slip away and be left with Nothing but Regret.

YOU can spend your Day Complaining that it’s all so very Unfair, but all that will Accomplish is to bring YOU down even more…Or, YOU can Fully Accept Life as it is and then Experience the Awesome Satisfaction of making your way Forward in Spite of the Obstacles.

YOU can Choose to Hide behind Excuses or YOU can Open Yourself up to the Awesomeness of Life…YOU can Decide to Make the Most of Whatever comes your Way and know how Great it Feels to be Fully Alive and Engaged in your World.

No Matter what has come Before, Life in this Moment is what YOU Decide to make it…Consider all the Possibilities and then Choose the Life that is YOU.


Stop Digging!


We all Pay a Price for Our past Mistakes, but that does not mean YOU must keep making them…I see too many People Adopt the Attitude of “I will never get out of this” and it becomes a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy…The Truth is, the type of Thinking is just Stupid…YOU can Start to get Out of any Hole YOU find Yourself in Today, Right Now, No Matter what has Happened in the Past…YOU cannot Change the Past or it’s Consequences, but YOU can Immediately Change the Present and make Your Future look Infinitely Better.
Momentum is the Key to Success or Failure, it can Work either for YOU or against YOU and it all Depends on what Direction YOU are going…Momentum is not Dependent on where YOU are, just on which way YOU are Headed…YOU can have Positive Momentum right this Moment, Regardless of what has Happened in the Past…All it takes is a Change in Direction and Attitude…All it takes to get Out of the Hole YOU find Yourself in is to Stop Digging and Start Climbing Out.
YOU got Yourself here and YOU can get Yourself Wherever YOU want to Go…Direct your Momentum toward where YOU want to be and don’t Stop until YOU get there.


Everything Happens For A Reason

I Think there is a Reason for Everything and once YOU take Control of the Reasons, YOU will Gain Control of the Results…If YOU want Fortune to Favor YOU, give it a Reason to do so.
If the Thing YOU want most is the Respect of Others, give them a Real, Honest, Positive Reason to Respect YOU…If YOU want to get Something Done, give yourself a Real, Compelling Reason to do it.
Trust is Earned for a Reason…People are Attracted to Others for a Reason…Companies Grow and become Successful for a Reason….For every Result that YOU Desire, there’s a Reason that will make it Real.
Once YOU have a Reason, once YOU have Created the Cause, the Effect will Naturally Follow…Give the Good Things in Life Real, Undeniable Reasons to Come Your Way…And they will.


Today, Life Begins Again!

Great News My Friends…Today, YOU can Begin your Life all over again…Today YOU have the Opportunity to Free yourself from any Self- Imposed Limitations that may have Held YOU back Yesterday.
Today YOU can Move Beyond the Disappointments and Shortcomings that may have once Hounded YOU…Today is ready to be Created, to be Lived, to be Experienced…Today is a Clean Slate that is Waiting for your Awesomeness.
Today, YOU can Choose what to Carry with YOU and what to Leave Behind…Today YOU have the Chance to Live Life the way YOU know it can Best be Lived.
Today is Truly the Culmination of Every Day YOU have Ever Lived…YOU bring to this Day more Experience, more Reasons to Move Forward, more of Life’s Awesomeness than any Day yet.
Sure, It could be just another Day, like many that have come Before…Yet it can be Whatever YOU Decide to make it.



Make A Positive Difference!

Do YOU have a Positive Attitude today?…I know sometimes it can be Difficult to be Positive, but that’s Precisely when being Positive can make the Biggest Difference…When YOU don’t Feel like being Focused and Disciplined, that’s when Focus and Discipline can Impact your Life the Greatest.

Just because Conditions in your Life may be Challenging, doesn’t mean YOU have to be Negative about them…YOU have an Opportunity to make a Positive Difference and the Best way to do that is to be the Positive Difference.

If everything in Life was Perfect, YOU would have Nothing Useful to do…Be Truly Thankful for the Opportunity to be Useful and Seize that Opportunity.

Be the Difference, see a Better World and Work to bring that Better World to Life…Be the Difference and make the Positive Difference that YOU are here to make.



How Strong are YOU?…It takes Strength to do what must be Done when the Work is Unpleasant and Uncomfortable…It takes Strength to Persist in the Face of Obstacles, when it would be Easier to simply Give Up.

It takes Strength to be Polite to Someone when that Person has been Rude to YOU….It takes Strength to Build for the Future…It takes Strength to Resist Temptations and Distractions.

It takes Strength to do what is Right…It takes Strength to make an Effort when it would be Easier to make up an Excuse.

It takes Strength to do all these Things…And all the while, these are the very Things that Build even more Strength.

Have the Strength of Character, do what YOU know is Right, put forth Effort when it is called for, Persist and the more YOU do so, the more easily YOU will be able to do so…Exercise your Strength and YOU will Grow Stronger, more Capable and Successful in each Endeavor.



Are YOU Accountable?

One thing is for sure, Life will hold YOU Accountable whether YOU like it or not…Every Action produces it’s own set of Consequences…Perhaps YOU Think YOU can hide from these Consequences, in the End they will always catch up to YOU.

Take Personal Responsibility for your own Actions, hold yourself Accountable and the Consequences will work in your Favor….Accept the Responsibility for your own Life and YOU gain Control of your own Destiny…It’s Easy and often very Reasonable, to Blame your Troubles on Something or Someone outside yourself…It’s Easy to Expect other People, or Changing Conditions, to Solve your Problems for YOU…It’s Easy to Expect dumb Luck to bring Fulfillment into your Life. Easy and yet sadly Misguided.

Ultimately, only YOU can be Accountable for YOU…It is a serious Responsibility and an Awesome Opportunity.