Most people don’t realize how Strong they truly are, for example..YOU are Stronger than your Circumstances, no matter where YOU find yourself or what Situation YOU are in, YOU are Stronger than them because YOU are the person Responsible for those Circumstance being the way they are.
YOU are Stronger than your Circumstances, so Exercise that Strength…Don’t let your Energy get weakened by the crap that surrounds YOU…Live with Intention and Direction…Use that Strength to accomplish something Positive.
YOU have the Strength to alter your Circumstances or to Improve and Rise Above them…YOU have the ability to make full use of every situation…YOU can set the Strategies and take the Actions which will change your Circumstances from Negative to Positive.
Refuse to see yourself as a victim of Circumstance…YOU are not a Victim unless YOU Choose to be…YOU are a Beneficiary of a highly favorable Circumstance…YOU are Alive and YOU are a Warrior who is fully capable of changing the world around you…Realize that Strength…Understand it and use it to be the best YOU possible.





We all make Mistakes, anyone who tells YOU otherwise is not being honest with YOU or themselves. Mistakes are valuable reminders that we don’t know it all and they offer us a great Opportunity to learn.
Mistakes are a sure sign that YOU are making Progress…For when YOU make Mistakes, it means YOU are putting forth Effort and having an Influence.
Mistakes are certainly no cause for shame…The greatest Achievements require YOU to work your way through the greatest Errors and Misunderstandings.
Mistakes are not to be Feared…For the same Actions that enable YOU to make a Mistake also put YOU in a position to correct it.
When YOU are willing to accept the possibility of Mistakes, YOU are able to follow the best Opportunities…When YOU become Experienced at handling Mistakes, YOU will be Skilled at creating real Value.
Success does not come from avoiding all Mistakes, but from learning to find a Positive way forward no matter what may happen…With each Mistake, get over it, get Wisdom from it, and become even more Effective than YOU were before.


Did YOU know that what YOU think of yourself is reflected in the way YOU treat others?…A great way to boost your own level of Confidence is by treating those around YOU in a Positive manner.
Being rude toward others, whether intentional or not, is a sure sign of a lack of Confidence…When YOU have no Respect or Consideration for others, it’s difficult to have much Confidence in yourself.
The more genuine Respect, Consideration and Courtesy YOU express toward those around YOU, the more your own Confidence will grow.
Have the Confidence to be Courteous, and the Confidence to act with genuine Respect toward others…Your Positive Attitude and Positive Actions will empower YOU with even more Confidence, Energy and Yes, Awesomeness!



Persistence is an Amazing thing, with enough Persistence even tiny drops of water can wear away the hardest stone…With Persistence a small seed can grow into a towering tree…With Persistence, anyone can make a YUGE difference.
With Persistence, one small effort builds on top of the one before, until the combined force is undeniable…Small, focused efforts, strung together over time with Persistence and Determination, bring about Awesome results.
So much Effort is wasted because it is spent against itself. In our impatience we run around in so many different directions, and end up covering very little ground…Only by Focused Persistence we can reliably and consistently make Progress, and utilize our efforts for all they’re worth.
Where do YOU want to go? Who do YOU want to be? What do YOU want to accomplish? What possibilities are waiting for YOU to fulfill?..Persist my friends, and YOU will.



It’s no secret, your Thoughts can work for YOU or they can work against YOU…Choose right now to hold on to those Thoughts that work in your favor.

Choose the Thoughts that give energy to your Values and Dreams. Choose Thoughts that resonate with Hope and Awesomeness..

To hold a certain specific Thought requires no physical effort, no special training and no permission from anyone else…Your Thoughts are precisely what YOU allow them to be, as soon as YOU allow them to be.

When YOU develop a strong habit of filling your mind with Positive, Uplifting Thoughts, YOU are well positioned to Successfully meet the challenges that come your way. Empowering thoughts equip YOU to take Effective and Appropriate action.

Thoughts can come and go in an instant and have no physical dimensions, yet they exert enormous influence…Strengthen your Thoughts and YOU strengthen your life



Do YOU know what it takes to be a Winner?…A real Winner is someone who can accept defeat graciously. A real Winner does not plan to lose or aim to lose, and yet when the loss comes a real Winner does not waste time on Anger, Complaints or Blame.

A real Winner finds Value and Learning even in defeat, then goes on to Win a victory which outshines all the setbacks along the way…YOU can recognize a real Winner by the way he or she acts when things don’t go their way…YOU can spot a real Winner by their Positive, Winning Attitude even in the midst of defeat.

Even cowards can look strong when things are going in their favor…True Winners show their strength regardless of the circumstances…Those who are willing to accept defeat when it comes in spite of their best efforts, are the ones who ultimately can claim true Victory.


Overcome, Adapt, Improvise

I think one of the best ways to remain miserable is to insist that everything around YOU always be a certain way…And one of the best ways to make your life more enjoyable is to be Flexible and willing to Adapt to whatever comes your way.
Real Success is not a matter of being in absolute command of the world around YOU…The Success that truly matters comes from being at peace with the world in which YOU live.
Being Persistent will enable YOU to achieve great things…Yet being merely stubborn will keep YOU mired in perpetual disappointment.
By all means, set ambitious goals and reach for them…But don’t trivialize the process by demanding or expecting that every little detail will go your way.
The more flexible YOU are about the stuff that doesn’t really matter, the more able YOU will be to accomplish the things that are important…The more willing YOU are to Adapt, the more truly enjoyable and fulfilling life will be.
Adapt to what is…And YOU will experience the very best of what can be.



Life is not scripted, sometimes conditions change, our well thought out plans fall apart and when this happens some people become immobilized by fear..Other people will just complain and still others make the changing conditions into a pathetic excuse for not taking action…What do Warriors do when conditions change? Warriors Adapt, they Overcome, they Never Give Up!
When conditions change, suddenly there can be plenty of reasons to give up…Suddenly there can be plenty of perfectly understandable justifications for not moving forward. Suddenly there can be an abundance of excuses for failure.
And yet, when conditions change there are also great opportunities…Some people, the Warriors, will have the confidence to recognize those opportunities and act upon them…Someday everyone will say those people were lucky, that they were in the right place at the right time.
The truth is, when YOU are a Warrior and YOU are willing and able to Adapt, YOU are always in the right place at the right time…Those who recognize that fact and take advantage of it by Adapting in a Positive way to changing conditions will be Successful in life.


Keep Going!

Sometimes it takes awhile to see Results, it is rare that it is immediate, just keep going…The Results will come.
Every achievement requires many efforts…Those individual efforts combine with each other to bring the desired Result.
So keep going…Keep adding one effort on top of the ones before it.
And all the while, learn…Learn what works and what does not, and adjust your efforts to become even more effective.
Keep going, keep learning, keep working and keep getting better…Every day, every effort brings YOU closer.
Persistence is the way YOU prove YOU really want it…Persist, and YOU will have it.



Someone once told me the most Successful job YOU will ever have is being YOU…YOU were born for it, YOU are perfectly equipped for it and YOU will find real fulfillment in being the person YOU are.
The most impressive YOU will ever be is by being YOU…That will make a far more Positive and Valuable impact than trying to imitate some celebrity or fall victim to internet group think.
The most value YOU will ever create is by being YOU…YOU have many unique and worthwhile things to contribute to life, and the more YOU truly give of yourself, the better life will be.
When YOU come to a fork in the road, and have trouble deciding which way to go, be YOU. Take the path that more closely expresses the Distinctive and Irreplaceable person YOU are.
The Happiest YOU will ever be is by being YOU…There’s a reason why Happiness feels so good, and that reason is to encourage YOU to be the Happy and Fulfilled person YOU are meant to be.
In you there is Greatness that YOU have just barely begun to realize…Be YOU, and let your own special Awesomeness fill the world with light.