Lighten Your Load

Today be Firm with the things that Matter and Flexible about the things that don’t…Remember that your Time, Energy and the Moments of your Life are too Precious to Waste.
There is nothing to be Gained and much to be Lost, by Fighting and Agonizing over trivial matters…In such cases, even when YOU Win, YOU Lose.
If something Truly makes a Difference to YOU and your World, then put the Best of yourself into it…If it doesn’t really matter, then Quietly and Calmly let it go.
Imagine how Awesome it would be if fully half of your Frustrations were to suddenly disappear…Know that YOU can easily make that happen.
Decide today to let all the Silly, Trivial Matters just float right on by…Now with a Lightened Load, YOU will then move Faster ahead than ever before.


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