In A Relationship?

Are YOU having trouble maintaining Positive relationships in your life? Remember YOU cannot gain the support of others by Shaming or Lecturing them…YOU won’t succeed through Begging or Desperation.

The way to earn Respect is to be Respectful, Helpful and Honest…The way to be Loved is to give Love without requiring or expecting Love in return.

People don’t really care so much about who YOU are or what YOU have or the things YOU have done…In my opinion, people care far more about how YOU treat them.

YOU already know all this, and have for most of your life, yet situations arise when YOU are tempted to forget what YOU know, just to get the attention from someone who does NOT deserve to be in your life…Let this be your reminder to NOT give in to that temptation.

YOU show people YOU care about them, with your Words, Actions, Priorities, and people are more likely to care about YOU…The best relationships come from putting your Highest and most Awesome qualities into them.

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