5 Reasons

I have a mission for YOU today…I want YOU to give yourself five Reasons why this will be the best damn day ever! YOU already have the skill and experience at engaging your imagination so try putting it to use in a Positive way.
How many times have YOU considered doing something, and then thought of all the Reasons why YOU cannot?..Today, use that same power to think of Reasons why YOU can, and why YOU will.
It is just as easy to be Positive and Ambitious as it is to be Negative and Disillusioned…The difference is in the Choice YOU make.
Direct the power of your thinking and the power of your life where they will do you some real good…Create an inspiring scenario in your thoughts, then step forward and live the reality of those thoughts.
Choose an Attitude and a set of Expectations that will support your life and your highest dreams…The Fulfillment of those dreams is not only possible, it is yours to start living right now.
The goal of today’s mission is simple, get in the habit of listing all the Reasons why YOU can, why YOU will, and why YOU must…Then get busy, for where your thoughts lead, your life will surely follow.

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