Think Before YOU Act!

Have YOU ever done something foolish and then asked yourself afterward, “why did I do that?” It’s a good question. In fact its such a good question that it deserves to be pondered before taking action.
We’re tempted to do so many things out of habit, out of spite, or out of anger…More often than not, we come to regret the things we do and the words we say under such circumstances.
Yet it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s really very simple to act, speak and live with intention…Just ask yourself, before taking action, what YOU expect to accomplish. Think of the pain that could be avoided by that simple question…Consider how much wasted effort could be redirected toward accomplishing something of value, just by acting with a little bit of forethought.
What do YOU expect to accomplish with what YOU are doing?…There’s no point in taking action, if it doesn’t get YOU anywhere…So think before YOU do. It only takes a moment, yet it can bring a lifetime of valuable rewards.

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