Stop Making Excuses

If YOU think about it YOU don’t have to look very far to find an excuse to feel sorry for yourself…But why would YOU want to waste even a few moments of your precious life on self pity?
It’s easy to come up with perfectly reasonable excuses for lowering your expectations and hiding away from life…But then all YOU are left with are worthless excuses.
There are certain circumstances under which some people see themselves as victims….Yet under those exact same circumstances other people find and make the most of truly great opportunities.
When YOU expect life to be cruel and harsh, it will live up to your expectations…When, on the other hand, YOU consider yourself to be extremely fortunate, YOU will become even more so.
There is great value in every moment…Positive possibilities are generated by every turn and twist of fate.
No matter what may happen or fail to happen, life is what YOU choose to make it…Choose again and again, in every situation, to make it Great!


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