Can I get your Attention please…Ever notice the more Attention YOU give something, the more important it becomes to YOU. Just think about something, focus on something, give your energy to something and that energy will give it life…whatever it may be…That’s the power of Attention.
What YOU work toward will grow stronger…What YOU fight against will also grow stronger.
If YOU focus on your frustrations, YOU end up becoming even more frustrated. And if YOU then continue to dwell on those frustrations, eventually YOU reach the point where it’s nearly impossible to focus on anything else.
In every moment YOU have the choice of where to direct your Attention. Life may throw all sorts of things your way, and yet YOU can always decide where the power of your Attention is focused.
As YOU go through this day, make yourself aware of how YOU use the enormous power of Attention. Keep your Attention locked solidly on the Positive possibilities, and YOU will give them life.

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