Break Free!

Let’s face it, Life can get complicated when we make it so…But YOU don’t have to make it that way.
When YOU try to avoid life and insulate yourself from reality, YOU can make it unbearably complicated. When YOU fight against what is, and obsess over what has been, the complications YOU create can become a virtual prison.
But guess what, YOU can walk out of that prison at any time. Simply choose to accept the reality of the moment and to deal with life it as it comes.
Stop worrying about what is not yet real and may never be. Instead, live with discipline and value, with purpose and commitment, making the very most of this moment right NOW.
Let go of the anger, regret, resentment and pain of what has already happened. Instead, find something real about this moment right NOW for which YOU can be truly thankful, and give the best of yourself to it.
Allow life to happen, and the complications of your own making melt away. Allow life to happen, and YOU are free to fully experience its true richness.

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