You Can Do It!

Take a moment today to think about this, who in your life talks YOU out of more things than anyone else? Is it your spouse or significant other? Your parents? Your Boss? Your Friends? If YOU are like most people out there the answer is most likely YOU…YOU talk yourself out of most of your choices.

We all have that “inner voice” that has opinions on everything we do. That inner voice has its own perspective on YOU as a person, and is acutely aware of your limitations and shortcomings. Every time YOU attempt to step out of your box, to try something new and challenging, that inner voice starts in on YOU. …“YOU can never do that”..”It’s not worth it” …”What if YOU fail?”

Well, that inner voice is wrong. YOU can do it if YOU set your mind to it, no matter what has happened in the past. In fact, your biggest obstacle is convincing yourself that YOU can. The first step in doing that is to acknowledge that the “inner voice” exists, and then take steps to counteract it.

The inner voice will always be there. YOU can’t get rid of it. But YOU can keep it from dominating your thoughts and actions by supplying yourself with plenty of positive input.

Get yourself around positive, future-oriented people. Read books, listen to positive messages, talk back to the voice and say, “Yes I can!” Dwell on the possibilities, not the risks. Model the behavior of successful people YOU see in your life. Take action toward your goals. Remind yourself of your accomplishments and of the challenges YOU have overcome in the past. Write down your goals and review them at least once a day. Find your purpose in life keep yourself focused on it.

YOU can accomplish great things if YOU will just let yourself do it. I believe in YOU!



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