Everyone Seems To Have A Podcast But Me….Time To Change That!


So I see everyone has a podcast except me, well I’m going to change that really soon. My podcast will be so Awesome everyone will want to tune in.

Now I realize I have no idea how to do a podcast, or what’s involved in making one, but why should I let that stop me.

I will probably make my podcast a funny one, you know keep it humorous and all. If people want to listen to drama and negativity then they should just get back together with their ex. Maybe, I will get a co-host and do some classic I Love Lucy style banter, I guess I can pretend I’m Cuban, now all I need is a female Ginger to play the Lucy part. We can talk about current events, or what we did last night, what movies we may have seen, and maybe I can get into a relationship with the Ginger and then we can hash out our differences on air, that would make for great podcast material.

I imagine at some point my podcast will become one of the five best podcast on the internet, I will probably have millions of loyal followers, who won’t be able to get enough of me. Sure, it might take a while to get that kind of audience, but I can’t see any reason why I wouldn’t get on ITunes right away, Well, most likely. Who knows maybe I can get my friend Pete to start a website, and then he can have my podcast archived on the website that way people can go there and get my shows for free, at least at the start, then I will start charging $4.99 for a subscription. Maybe you are thinking $4.99 doesn’t sound like much. But believe me it will add up fairly quickly. $4.99 times a hundred thousand…you do the math, cause that’s a lot.

So to build my audience, I will have to get creative. Maybe I can do different characters, it will have a “In Living Color” theme about it. Except I will be in every sketch. I guess the only issue that could arise is that I really can’t do different voices or anything, maybe I could do my famous impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger, it comes in pretty handy when I’m at the gym. I also can do a fairly decent Monica from the sitcom Friends, but sometimes in the wrong company it can get pretty awkward.

Well, no matter what, you will defiantly want to experience my podcast as often as you can. And I really don’t think the word “Experience” is too strong of a word to use, because it really will be an experience. That is once I figure out how to record the podcast of course. But really, how hard can it be, right?

Here is another idea, what if I did more of a music type podcast? I could interview musicians after they play their latest hits. I think that sounds pretty amazing. I realize I would probably have to start off with local high school musicians until things started to take off, then I could get the big names in the music industry to stop by and play a few song and chat with me for a while. I think I will try to book Vanilla Ice as one of my first guests. Maybe he could even make up and opening soundtrack for my podcast. Wouldn’t that be pretty amazing?

I’m already getting pretty excited, it will be so great once folks start coming up to me and saying things like “Are you that podcast guy?” or “I’m a huge fan, can I get my picture taken with you?” Then of course I imagine there will be the crazy groupie women hanging around me all the time, but I’m okay with that. After all, celebrities like me need to keep the fans happy.

I have been trying to come up with a catchy name for my podcast, but how do you just pick one? It’s like impossible for me to do that. Maybe I will just call it “The Most Amazing Podcast Ever” I think that is pretty straight to the point. Or if I do a music type podcast maybe I can call it “Tune In” I still am playing around with the names.

I have so many ideas for this podcast just swirling around in my head, it’s kind of hard to focus right now. Here is an idea, maybe for the entire show I just yell out everything, kind of like I’m angry, but I won’t be, which will make it unique. Or I can randomly have someone fill in for me and see how long it takes for the audience to figure out it isn’t me. Another idea I had was to do something like an ambush podcast, where I will follow someone and then start asking them questions, they will be caught off guard and it will make for a great podcast, maybe I will interview them using my Monica voice, which might even be better yet.

I hope you can pick up on my enthusiasm for this podcast idea, and believe me when I say it will be launching soon. I’m excited that I will be bringing my patented brand of …well… whatever it will be to the world. That is once I figure a few things out, like how to record stuff and what, exactly I’m going to say. But I will probably start it in September of 2017. And I will for sure let everyone know once it’s “On Air” that way you won’t miss a show. And maybe, just maybe, with your help I will get to the number one slot on… well…whatever the podcast network is called.

So if you have a podcast, you better look out because I will be on the air soon. It will take the Internets by storm, most likely.





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