The Story Of Invention


I’m sure everyone has heard the term  “Necessity is the mother of Invention”  but do you really know the true story of how the term came about? Of course you don’t…but no worries I will share it with you now.  There once was a tiny woman named Poverty, she lived in a trailer park and had very little in the way of being able to support herself and her child.  The child’s name was Necessity.  Now Necessity grew up on the mean streets, she understood the challenges that life put in front of her and she did well to over-come these challenges, but Necessity fooled around at a young age and ended up with a child of her own, she named it Invention. Now Invention had it easier, because Necessity did everything she could to give Invention a better life then what she was subjected to. So Invention turned out to be a beautiful young lady, smart and witty. She had every man in town wanting to be with her.

One day Invention asked her mother Necessity who her father was, because she had never known and now she was at the age where it was important to her to understand how she came to be. Necessity told Invention that her father was a man named Inspiration, he was a charismatic young man who use to live in town, but left shortly after Invention was born. Necessity told Invention the story of how she was conceived. Necessity said her and Inspiration were just out for a walk, when they came upon a grassy clearing, Necessity said she could not contain herself and it wasn’t long before Inspiration was making sweet, passionate love to her, and before she knew it the seed had been planted and nine months later out came Invention.

But Necessity learned early on, that raising Invention all alone would be difficult and Necessity was a smart woman who always did what she had to do in order to achieve her goals. So in time she met and married a man named Duty, now Duty was the son of an important man named Stipulation. Now as time went on Invention grew older and started school, as the other kids learned their alphabet and numbers, Invention learned how to fight, Invention would spend her time training each day to be the best fighter there ever was, and Duty would watch, encouraging her to be the very best she could be. Duty was very proud of Invention.

Once in a while Invention liked to pretend she got hurt while she practiced her fighting skills, she would lay there on the ground crying and Duty would always run over to help her up and wiped the fake tears away. And Invention would always smile and kiss Duty on the forehead, which always made Duty smile.

Duty’s father Stipulation was always suspicious of Invention.

One day Stipulation told Necessity that her beautiful daughter was unladylike and that he felt she showed off too much, always fighting, always looking for attention. But Stipulations opinions of Invention got the better of him once and he tried to fight Invention one day in the park, the same park she was conceived in.

But that is all history, and these days Invention is all grown up. Men who meet her are always left in awe and have visions of one day winning her hand. Invention’s best friend Imagination tells everyone that he is her lover. Imagination is the typical tall, dark and handsome type and Invention just can’t picture the two of them together. But Patience is more persistent, when he sees Invention he always puts his arm around her, whispering those sweet nothings in her ear. But Invention has other ideas, she introduces Patience to her friend Novelty. Now Novelty is pretty, athletic and slightly silly at times. She would be the perfect match for Patience. So Invention see’s that Patience is finally distracted she now starts hanging out with Amusement, even though she knows this is not the best of ideas. But let’s not forget about the shy Commitment who is watching this all go down, he is off in the bushes, just watching, waiting for the right moment to get Inventions attention. But as Invention plays around, the town’s other beauty Creativity, the one that has so much going for her, the best schooling, the best job, a bright future, she manages to seduce the shy Commitment. They end up getting married and living in Boca, with 2.5 kids.

Then one day Invention was at a loss for what to do, so she went to seek the advice of the wisest person she knew, her grandmother Poverty. Invention asks her grandmother for wisdom. And Poverty tells her  “Experience is both a student and a teacher”  she also tells Invention, “Right now you are the student and Experience is your teacher, but one day you will be the teacher and Experience will be your student”

Invention left her grandmother’s not understand the wisdom given but thankful it was given.

Invention watches the news on tv, she see’s stories of people in different places, making their dreams come true…One day soon Invention will leave her small town, she has no fear of the unknown for she has been trained to fight since childhood, Duty made sure she had the tools she would need to venture off on her own, one day soon she will finally say good-bye to Necessity and venture off seeking the Experience her grandmother talked about.

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