Do YOU Want To End Up On My List?


When you have a memory as bad as mine you have to write everything down or it’s lost forever, so consequently I also have tons of  “Lists”  which help me remember things and keep myself organized.

Now I have the standard  “Shopping List”“To-Do List”  and the standard  “Neighbors that may be on or should be added to County Sex Offender and Violent Criminal Website List” just like you would find in any decent American household. I believe I currently maintain over 147 active lists at any given time.

Here are a few samples:


My List of Suspicious License Plates

I am reasonably certain that a house down the street from me is either an ISIS terror cell, a Crack House, an Unlicensed Day Care or a combination of the three. Since I am just 34 credits shy of getting my AA in Criminal Justice I feel it is my sworn duty to help local Law Enforcement watch this house, I have placed my Telescope on the front porch and have recorded the license plates of over 580 vehicles that I don’t recognize and furthermore probably shouldn’t be on my street.


My List of Personal Grudges

I really can’t recall how many times I’ve had a delightful conversation with someone whom I assume I knew and was friendly with only to remember a few hours later that I hated their guts.

It can be a challenge to try and keep track of four decades worth of personal slights, family transgressions and trivial vendettas. So, in order to keep my enemies straight and my personal grudges straighter. I make sure to write them all down.


My List of Probable Signs of the Apocalypse

I do my best to stay one step ahead of the Four Horsemen, so I always keep a detailed list of signs that the world is about to go into Mega-Shit Mode. Looking at my current list of probable signs  …“Bruce Jenner Transformation”“Hans Solo Crashing the Falcon on a Golf Course”“Al Sharpton Advising the President Obama”  I’m pretty confident that we should all be meeting our maker sometime before the next Black Friday shopping day.


My List of Words I Need to Look Up

I have a good deal of interactions with young people or Hipsters as they call themselves, and they all seem to use words I have never heard of…Or they just make up words as they go which would be a sign of our failing education system.  But in order to determine if these youngsters are being polite, disrespectful or are just mentally ill, I like to look up the words they use…For example here are a few words I wrote down yesterday after talking to a guy at the gym..“Frado”,  “Jerry”, “Tassel”…Why can’t they just talk normal?


My List of Possible Medical Problems

As I get older I found it important to keep track of all my aches, pains and strange rashes. I just write down any medical problems I have each day, like yesterday I had an unexplained bout of hot flashes, and some unusual gland swelling, so next time I go see my VA doc I just pull out my list and go over every symptom I experienced since my last visit, I know my Doctor likes my thoroughness he even called me a Hypochondriac…Which reminds me I need to add that word to my “List of Words I Need to Look Up” ..But I’m pretty sure it means I’m almost a Physician or something medical.


My Personal Bucket List

Now this List has nothing to do with some crazy dreams of climbing the Empire State building naked, Playing President with Monica Lewinsky or meeting the Duck Dynasty cast…I’m actually talking about buckets that I would like to purchase, I’m currently interested in a rather fetching Orange 5 gallon bucket at Home Depot…Maybe today will be the day I throw caution to the wind and buy it!


My List of People I Have Outlived…So Far

As you age, at least for me, you get a certain pleasure of outliving people that you knew in your youth or celebrities which you found annoying. So every Sunday I like to sit down with a nice glass of Protein and a red pen, then I check the obituaries and TMZ, It’s one of the highlights of my week.

This is part of my  “Death Trilogy”  which comprises the  “List of People I Have Outlived”  the  “List of People I Plan to Outlive”  and of course the  “List of Annoying Celebrities Whom I Must Outlive”

If there are any fellow  “Listers”  out there please feel free to offer ideas for new Lists…I’m always looking for new List ideas.

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