You’re Probably A Bad Parent!


I’m always on the lookout for something interesting on Facebook. During my exhaustive research of reading each and every one of my friends messages, comments and status updates I have noticed a trend, people are constantly telling their friends that they are such good parents…I never see anyone tell a friend that their parenting skills suck…Maybe people just don’t notice, or maybe they just don’t know what to look for to spot a Bad Parent.

So I thought I would do my civic duty and offer some signs to look for in the future that may help you determine if someone is a Bad Parent…or possibly if  YOU are a Bad Parent and didn’t even know it.

If you spend your kid’s college fund and don’t remember how.

If your kid…has a kid.

If you tell your kid Santa is not real.

If your kid still has a pacifier in 1st grade.

If you sit your kid on a hot car hood and he doesn’t scream.

If you take your kid with you to see your Parole Officer.

If your kid doesn’t cry on the first day of school because he is happy to get away from you.

If your dog’s leash is prettier than your kids.

If your kid is rolling joints for you.

If your kids Halloween costume is a German Gestapo Uniform.

If you’re 8 year old has a Charles Manson poster in their bedroom.

If the  “All kids are God’s children”  church daycare ask you not to bring your kid back.

If you have to ask someone if you’re a Bad Parent.

If you have to drive around the neighborhood looking for your 4 year old after dark.

If you find the DVD  “How to be an expert shoplifter”  in your kids room.

If you toss your used disposable diapers out in every parking lot you change your baby in.

If your kid is not hungry at dinner because they just had 3 sodas and 2 candy bars in a 15 minute span.

If you ask your kid to get the noisy object out of the garbage disposal while it’s still on.

If you care about your own needs before your kids.

If you ask your kid to clean the stuck grassy mud clumps from under the lawnmower while it is running.

If you ask your kid to score some weed from his friend at school.

If your kid is 5 years old and has the utilities in his name.


Well I hope these help…Be A Good Parent!

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