10 Things You Should Know!



  1. We search for anything and everything to make us a happy…be it money, a house, a car, a person, a job, a business, retirement, recognition, or a new pair of shoes…yet we rarely look to the one place it can actually be found…inside!


  1. The most painful, hardest, most gut-wrenching things we go through in life are usually our best opportunities to grow and become happier.


  1. The things we see in others that irritate us the most are the exact traits in ourselves we’re not willing to look at. And often times the people we dislike the most are the ones most like us.


  1. We try so hard to be unique just like everyone else.


  1. When we forgive someone, it usually does nothing for the person we forgive, but the positive impact on ourselves is profound. At its root, forgiveness is about self-forgiveness.


  1. The best way to get rid of fear is to actually do that thing we’re afraid of.


  1. Putting together the perfect life doesn’t make anyone happy. Accepting and being grateful for our imperfect life does.


  1. We spend a great deal of time consumed with what we want other people to think about us, even though they aren’t thinking about us at all because they too are consumed with what they want other people to think about them.


  1. We know that worrying never makes anything better…yet many of us still do it every chance we get.


  1. The more we try to be liked and admired by others, the less they tend to like and admire us.


Have A Kick Ass Day!!

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