Stop Staring At Me!


Okay this is supposed to be a feel good self-improvement type post. Can’t you tell by the title? So are you one of those people that gets that weird feeling every time you go to the gym that everyone around you is staring at you?..I get that feeling sometimes as well, usually when I’m wearing my  “Cats Are People Too”  workout gear. But anyways I hear from people quite often. Usually women. That they are either afraid to go the gym or to take any of the group classes. Or if they do go to the gym they only use the treadmill because they are worried that other people will stare at them for being out of shape or just plain lost in what they should be doing.

I say…Forgeddaboutit (this needs to be pronounced in your best New Jersey accent to be effective)

Just remember that those people who you think are staring at you are just people, I think you would be surprised at how many are so vain that they don’t notice anyone but themselves. Or they are just like you, they are just as busy being self-conscious about themselves to be concerned about you…So get in there, strap on your Beats by Dre or whatever you use to avoid conversations and get your business done at the gym.

So stop letting what people may think hold you back from reaching your goals. If you want to hit the free weights, or take some kick ass new dance class or even try that Hot Yoga for the first time. I can almost guarantee that the other people around you will either..

– Not notice you because they’re just as freaked out about being there as you.

-Admire you for taking control and trying to better yourself.

So get in there and DO IT!! Because afterwards you’re going to be Happy. And sweaty, and probably smell. But dammit you will be Happy!

But if they are giving you funny looks I would recommend not free-balling it in the gym next time if you’re a dude or wear a sports bra next time so your girls don’t pop out for a visit if you’re a lady.

Alright let’s take this from another angle, let’s say you do go to the gym fairly regular but your still feeling nervous about venturing any further than that damn treadmill or elliptical…You see the Promised Land (Free Weight Section) off in the distance. And perhaps you’re not really worried about anyone looking at you, but you simply don’t know what weights to lift or how to lift them.

Well it’s time step off the treadmill and walk towards the Promised Land..

I’m a firm believer that weight training is more efficient at burning those nasty calories than just straight cardio…You know that treadmill thing you have been stuck on like Gilligan’s Island. Well the rescue boat is here, so go pick up some weights. Don’t be scared, weights won’t bite you ( I would suggest holding them firmly, dropping them on your foot will cause people to stare at you)

So I could suggest a multitude of different workouts. But I’m not an expert. But you know what the Internets are full of people who say they are. And Hell some of them actually are. So do some research, find an easy routine to start with, to get your feet wet. It’s not that hard to grab some light weights and start working with them, unless you have that illness called  “I have an Excuse for everything”  and in that case I would suggest you seek help. Like from a Personal Trainer. Yes, they are at nearly every gym, they can help you with working through your Excuses issues.

Just remember when you’re trying to get in shape, you need to make it a lifestyle, you can’t go to the gym for 30 min then stop at McCrapper on the way home , and sit your ass on the couch watching Oprah reruns while snacking cheesy snack chips all evening and expected a miracle to happen. It’s going to take hard work, consistency, strong will and determination.

I will see you in the Promised Land…

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