Great Work Everyone…Except You Steve!


Excellent job people, alright everyone line up over here, this will be our last obstacle to do, on our last practice before the big race tomorrow!

Way to go people, I just wanted to say what an absolutely fantastic job everyone did today. I will admit today’s workout was a tough one, but it was all about teamwork, relying on each other to make it through the obstacles and learning to trust your teammates. And as we all know sometimes that’s not an easy thing to do.

Remember the “Wall?”….Now tell me how many of you thought that there was no way in hell I was going to make it over that one? Dan? I saw it on your face buddy, but you did it! I watched each and every one of you push through the pain and conquer your fears, I’m so proud of all of you….With one exception.

When you were all working on the rope course, how cool was it to finally be able to climb all the way up those ropes until you reached the top, you all did so well, you encouraged each other, you helped your weaker teammates make it to the top, what I saw was one hundred percent output by everyone, except for one of you who thought it would be funny to start swinging the rope around while your teammate was trying to touch the top, almost causing him to fall, luckily his foot was wrapped up in the rope.

I thought the low crawl under the barbed wire was a challenge, but once we all got a rhythm down we were able to slide along without getting tangled up in the wire, I thought we were making excellent time, that is until someone decided to throw a rock at Ezra causing him to freak out and get entangled in the wire, and as I crawled over to help him, another well aimed rock hit me in the back of the head causing me to go unconscious for a few minutes, luckily Dan was able to free us both, although I still can’t remember anything about my childhood.

When we did the spear throwing practice I will admit I was a little nervous, it was disheartening to watch a grown man taunt his teammates with a spear, screaming that he was going to stick some pigs today. For Christ’s sake we are all teammates here, we are supposed to be working together to be able to win the race tomorrow and proudly represent our gym, these obstacle races are not easy, and we have put a lot of hours in every week so that would could make our sponsor proud. But throwing a spear and nearly killing one of your teammates on purpose just sickens me, it totally represents everything a “teammate” isn’t supposed to be, a teammate doesn’t try to make your team lose, a teammate doesn’t try to kill another teammate!

I’m gonna tell you something, I have been on several of these team obstacle races before. They are always fun, and it’s a great bonding experience. But this is the first time I’ve ever been assaulted by a teammate, but even with this negative I still say this whole experience has shown what a well-connected group of guys, who work as a team, who all have a common goal, minus Steve, can achieve!

Okay, circle up everyone. I want you each to look at your fellow teammates. Really look, what do you see?…No, don’t look at Steve. Do not look at Steve…No eye contact with him, that is a type of approval, and he does not deserve that. Everyone ignore Steve. Now look at each other and think…this is my gym family, this is my race family. When we work together, nothing is impossible!

Alright, it’s starting to get late and we need to get some rest before the big race tomorrow. But, I have one last challenge for you…my family, my friends….Except you Steve! I have something I have been saving to give you guys, it’s this Spirit Baton that has our names on it, and our team name  “The Igniters”  This Spirit Baton represents everything we have accomplished the last few weeks, it represents the  “team”  we have become, and most of all it will bring us good luck tomorrow.

Dan, I would like for you to carry it first in the race tomorrow then pass it on to the next teammate so we all take a turn carrying it during the race. Alright, everyone put your hand on it right now….Does everyone have a hand on it? Make room for Ezra on the bottom there.

Okay, so when I let go the rest of you need to keep holding on, and walk together over to the parking lot, as a team, don’t drop it, it must never touch the ground or it will lose it’s good luck…Remember nobody let go! The team is strongest when everyone works together.

There you go…You guys got it…you’re doing good.

Umm, some of you look pretty nervous about walking next to Steve. Don’t be! He is nothing compared to the power of this team! Just stay focused on each other. You’re almost to the parking lot, just a few more…Steve…Steve,  stop that! Keep your hands on the Spirit Baton, everyone! Just keep….Don’t let Steve touch it! Keep his nasty hands off it! DO NOT LET HIM DEFILE THE SPIRIT BATON WITH HIS TOUCH! YES, DAN…PUSH HIM…KNOCK HIM DOWN…EZRA KICK HIM!

Alright, everyone quickly get in your cars and go, leave him…No, just leave him, let’s go!

See you at the race tomorrow!

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