Team Hell Yeah!!


So why are these semi-crappy comic book hero movies so popular with people? I was watching the Avengers last night and it struck me that the reason they are so popular is because they work as a team…Well most of the time I guess.

If you look deeper into the comic book superhero world you will see that when they join forces and work together it sells movies and books. Who doesn’t like the whole team of hero’s idea anyways.. i.e. The Justice League…The Avengers… The X-Men. So the common theme is they are composed of unique individuals with special kick-ass talents that help everybody else get through difficult situations. Like aliens blowing up a city, mutant super-villains busting shit up, etc.

Now would it make sense if every superhero had the same powers? like an army of 500 Supermen, each one having the same strengths and weakness. That would be Awesome right? Wrong!! If everyone was the same, then it would take just a wee bit of kryptonite to take them all out…So being different, being unique, each with their own weakness and strengths is the best mix for an effective team.

So the whole point of this little story is that we can take this whole superhero team idea and make it work for ourselves in the real world.  Much like in the military, a strong well-trained team can accomplish amazing things.  So if you want to succeed with your goals, or just simply live a life surrounded by positive people who help each other, support each other and motivate each other to be the best you can be then you need to build your team.

Okay ..before we get started in the selection process. There will be some of you who say  “I’m a Lone Wolf Mudda Fukkar”  you prefer to do everything on your own. I get that. I like doing shit on my own as well, swimming upstream against the flow. I enjoy working out alone, I feel I get more done. But it doesn’t mean I still don’t have a group of people to lean on while going it alone.

Look at the people who you hang out with all the time. I would venture to say your body composition, eating habits, overall health, wealth and levels of success are all fairly close to each other. What’s this mean you say, it means you are who you hang out with.

Okay team building time. I did some research on effective team building, and what to look for in your peer group. It was actually pretty interesting the way they broke it down and the psychology behind it…totally above my pay grade but I can do simple. I thrive on simple, so in my humble simple opinion I would say there are four crucial people you need on your team for it to be effective..

“The Mentor”… This doesn’t need to be some all powerful Yoda that you worship…this is a guy or girl that you know that has had success in the areas in which you want to be successful. If you want to get stronger and bigger and you’re a skinny nerd, find somebody that used to be skinny that is now bigger and stronger and find out how they did it. If you want to lose weight or run a 5k, find somebody who has more experience and learn EVERYTHING you can.

“The Brother-in-Arms/Sister-in-Arms”…This is the guy or girl in the trenches with you, at the same level, struggling with the same things, working on the same stuff. When you have a crappy day, this person knows exactly how you feel. Because you’re both doing the same stuff and striving for the same goals, you have somebody to bounce any ideas, triumphs, struggles, or suggestions off of in your quest towards a better life.

“The Student”…Want to know the BEST way about to get better at something? Teach it to somebody else! Now, you’re probably saying, but I’m not an expert …Neither am I.  But on a scale of 1-100 …1 being a Newbie and 100 being the Greatest Expert who ever walked the earth…you might be a 7…So you can teach and mentor the 1-6 skill level group …We can all learn new things from others, we all have different life experiences. So we ALL have something to give and learn from each other.

“The Wildcard”… So what the heck is a wildcard? He or she is the person in your group that is completely unpredictable…The wildcard constantly keeps you on your toes, pushes you outside of your comfort zone, makes you try new things, and even attempt new activities. He/she will make you say  “WAIT, we’re going to do WHAT!? Sigh, screw it, LET”S DO THIS!”  If you’re not in at least one situation that scares the crap out of you while hanging out with a Wildcard, then you’re not saying  “okay FINE!”  enough.

So start building your team if you don’t already have one, the whole point is just to live the best life possible in the short amount of time we have been given, life is far too crazy to go it alone. Just make sure you fill the space with Positive, Supportive People !!

Go Team Hell Yeah!!

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