The Good Old Days



Do you remember back in high school or college…you know when you were young and had transportation, that time period. The nights you were supposed to be studying or doing homework or just about anything other than having fun, but you decided to take off to the next state and get ice cream or drinks. Whatever it is that you would leave the state for and not care at all.

Or how about those times when a friend would get a hold of you and say  “do you want to…”  and before they could finish the sentence you said  “Hell Yeah, Let’s Go”

When you were younger  “spontaneity”  was the name of the game. You didn’t need plans, just the willingness to see what would happen.

Now that you’re older, think about it, when was the last time you did something completely spontaneous? Something that wasn’t planned, something that didn’t fit into your 5 year plan, or something that took you outside the  “comfort zone”  you now live in?

So recently I had an opportunity to do something ridiculous, at first I decided against it (my comfort zone is very comfortable) but then I thought about it and decided what the hell, so I changed my mind at the last minute and said yes! It turned out to be a great decision and I’m glad I took the chance and jumped out of my “comfort zone”

Your life is composed of stories and memories. And when we reach our  “Game Over”  it won’t be about our high score but rather how much fun we had playing the game.

We don’t remember the times we stay late at work and missed our kids game, the test we aced but passed up a once in a lifetime concert, or the  “No Thanks”  we gave to a friend because an event had some uncertainty attached with it.

What we will look back on and remember are the nights with friends staying up late, the days we played  “hooky” from work and took our kids out for an adventure.

So here’s the challenge I’m putting out there for you all, start mixing some spontaneity back into your life, Stop saying  “No”  every time there is uncertainty and start adding a few  “Yes’s” to the mix. It might not always turn out perfectly, but it might also give you a life changing story and terrific memories.

So here’s to making today and everyday a day filled with adventure!

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