How I Mastered Criticism!



I know this may come as a shock to some of you but sadly it’s true, I am not perfect.  There have been a few times in my life that I have made mistakes, so in that sense I’m just like the rest of you. I guess the rumors are true, we are all just human and despite out best efforts, we’re bound to make some poor choices now and again.

But I think the thing that distinguishes us as individuals is how we act once we discover that we made a mistake. I have been giving it a lot of thought the last twelve minutes and as far as I’m concerned, I think I handle it by keeping myself open to the feedback of others, then I allow myself to get incredibly defensive about that feedback and then I ultimately just disregard it, I have found this approach works best for me.

I think my approach is simplistic in its nature and easy to stick with. So for example, I welcome constructive criticism from a friend, family member or even a stranger, then without fail I become really, really touchy about it and then never take anyone’s suggestions to heart.

I don’t want to be the type of person that closes themselves off to the viewpoints of others. I feel my willingness to listen to other’s concerns while refusing to accept even the smallest portion of blame as one of my greatest strengths. I feel that I am comfortable enough with my own self to hear people out for at least 10-15 seconds before I eventually interrupt them, then become increasingly combative, then finally decide I really don’t want to hear another word of what they have to say as I storm off in a huff before they were able to finish talking. I consider this my signature move!

I have a motto which I live my life by…”Fiercely ignore honest critiques and focus intense hatred towards whomever may have offered them to me.”

No matter where I’m at, this is how I operate…home, gym, kid’s schools, Walmart.  It doesn’t matter if I’m talking with my neighbors, talking to a group of concerned friends and family members or playing in my Sunday Dungeons and Dragons League game night.  I feel communication is extremely vital in every part of my truly blessed life. I want people to feel like they can come to me and say whatever is on their little minds, that way I can convince myself that their feeble argument is groundless and then I will contradict them vehemently while all the while failing to give their ideas even a moment of my time.

Here is a good example of how my way of dealing with others opinions works, a few days ago, I had a friend with me at the gym, he asked me if I would hurry up and finish using the curl rack so he could do some squats (Yeah I use the squat rack to do curls, that’s how I roll) So as soon as the last word left his mouth, I began angrily attempting to justify why I use the squat rack to do curls in and I ended up insinuating the fault really lay with him.  I then dismissed his opinion as biased and self-serving and most importantly, I neglected to alter my curling habits in any way….Feedback Received!

So I invite you to try me….If you notice an area in which I could stand to improve and feel like having absolutely no impact on my behavior, just let me know. I’m all ears when it comes to taking criticism, stewing about it and then somehow deflecting it back as quickly and rudely as possible while letting my resentment take the place of any actual change.

And on top of that, I may choose to vilify you as a person and discount your opinion simply because you had the nerve to express it. And be warned I may hold a grudge for weeks or even months. I may ask, what the hell do you know about anything, anyways?

It’s this attitude that’s gotten me where I am today.

So friends, feel free to pop in anytime you would like to incite my rage and bitterness. I will be happy to disregard any thoughts you may have. Have a great day.

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