Water…The Destroyer Of Worlds!



That was a catchy headline, for a less than interesting topic for most people… “Water”

I am a Water fanatic, I believe it is the purest and best thing for you.  I know I get enough each day, probably enough for three people.  How much water do YOU drink every day? If you’re serious about getting to the best level of personal health and if you’re exercising and running each day I can almost guarantee that you’re not drinking enough unless you’re totally making a concentrated effort to do so.

Are you going all out when you go to the gym? If so you should be consuming a gallon of water a day minimum if you’re a dude.  And close to 3/4ths of a gallon if you’re a girl.

If you’re not hitting the gym that hard, then I guess you could get away with less H2O…But why? If you’re not hitting the gym hard and giving it you’re all then you’re just wasting time.

It is important that you don’t rely on your  “thirst-meter”  in your body to remind you to drink water, especially when working out.  Your brain will tell you that your thirsty long after your body actually needs it, so I find it’s pretty helpful to just go get a few gulps at the water fountain or from my jug during each set. Bring a water bottle with you to the gym so you don’t have to get up from the machine every few minutes that way you’re more likely to get enough to drink.

In case you are unaware you have two kidneys in your body, you know those things that boxers try to beat out of the opponents body. When you workout, you sweat. Your body loses fluid and it needs to be put back in or else your muscles will suffer and your workout will suffer (that’s a lot of un-needed suffering) Your body will often process the liquid before it’s able to put it back where it belongs, you need to drink more than normal after a workout. So here are some of the best method I could research to keep ahead of the fluid game when you’re working out.

About two hours prior to working out, drink between half a liter and a liter of water (that about four cups of water) Some sites say you can drink any liquid as long as it’s not booze, But water is always the best choice…Yay, for water !!

Okay so while you’re working out, you should get water into your system quickly so it can rapidly replace the water loss through sweating (And if you’re not sweating you are not working hard enough) Start drinking it before you even start feeling thirsty. In between each set, keep chugging…6-8 fluid ounces every 15 minutes.

After your done busting ass in the gym, you need to get your body ready for the next workout by getting the levels back to normal. If you were properly chugging your water, you probably need to piss like a Clydesdale (A big ass horse) However, your fluid balances still aren’t back to normal, so you need to keep drinking. (Don’t wimp out now) If you can work some sodium (salt) into either your liquid or your food intake after the workout, your body will retain water longer, giving it more time to absorb and use and regain balance. You know what has sodium in it? Most of those energy drinks like Gatorade.

Drink water throughout the day.  Not only is it good for you, but it’s good to stay hydrated even if you aren’t working out that day.  Trying to lose weight?  Drink lots of water before you eat lunch and you might find your appetite curbed. If you work in an office or from home, you already have a free and abundant supply of the good stuff (water). Just keep a water bottle on your desk and fill it up every morning when you get there.  And who knows what kind of gossip you will hear over by the water cooler while you’re there filling up.  Everyone likes office gossip right? Except when it’s about me then your all just jerks….Anyways drink your water!!

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