The “New” Alphabet of Washington D.C.



Since the election is over and 2017 will hopefully be a year of change in Washington, I have created a brand new alphabet just for the occasion.


A is for all the Assclowns who run the show.

B is for the Barrack, see why A comes before B.

C is for the Constitution, which is ignored.

D is for the District of Columbia, where all the idiots are stored.

E is for the Election, which Hillary lost…Accept it!

F is for the Freedoms, which need to be restored.

G is for the Government, which should fear us, instead of we them.

H is for the Hillary, who still LOST…Accept it!

I is for the Investigations, which should be done.

J is for the Justice Dept., in which there has been none.

K is for the Kickbacks, which they will never admit to none.

L is for the Lies that have told, and not just by some.

M is for the Money they spend that does not belong to them.

N is for the Nerve of them.

O is for the Obamas vacations, which we pay for…About 45 million worth.

P is for the Potomac, which they should all be thrown in.

Q is for the Quacks negotiated the Iran deal!

R is for the Raises, which they give themselves.

S is for the Secret Service, which is in need of some service.

T is for the Taxes, for which the IRS harass us.

U is for the Uncle Sam, ashamed Uncle Sam should be of the clowns in D.C.

V is for the Veterans Administration, which has failed Veterans.

W is for the White House, where the trouble starts.

X is for the Xenophilia, which the current POTUS seems to have for Iran.

Y is for the Youth, which will inherit our debt.

Z is for the Zoo, which they all should be in.

May the new administration be better than the last…

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