How To Spot The Undercover Cop At Your High School!



He uses hand sanitizer after he comes out of the restroom.

He uses the term “Righteous” or “Narly”

He wears jeans that are neither skinny nor sagging.

He says his favorite 21 Jump Street character is Johnny Depp.

He never takes selfies.

He has no clue what a #hastag is.

He looks stuff up using the phone book.

He tries to buy an Instagram of coke.

He doesn’t know who  “Molly”  is but is interested in meeting her.

He gets upset when he hears NKOTB on the oldies station.

He keeps arguing with you that Reagan was the best President ever.

He has tribal tattoos.

He remembers watching Michael Jordan during his rookie season.

He has a bad back and can’t sit too long.

He has a Walkman.

He proudly wears his letterman jacket from 1988.

He complains about paying child support.

He keeps talking about someone named “Spuds MacKenzie”

He wears parachute pants.

He is good friends with the Principal.

He asks you to friend him on his MySpace page.

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