Overcoming Loss…I Miss My Big Ass Selfie Stick!



I think everyone in one form or another live their lives inside their own bubble. They become fairly oblivious to the world around them, very rarely will we take notice to the pain and suffering of others. But once in a while we come across a story that sounds so bad, so terrible that we have to pay attention and maybe even get involved some way.

Perhaps a good example of this is when a close friend or coworker suddenly experiences an unexpected loss.  Sure, since they are somewhat close to you and your  “bubble”  you try to sympathize with them, perhaps offer them words of support or condolences.  But then you quickly slip back into your private little bubble and think that type of misfortune will never happen to me, because you are different, you are special.

Well, I hate to admit it, but that guy in the bubble, the one oblivious to the outside world, that guy was me.  At least it was up until a few days ago, looking back at my time in the “bubble”  I must have looked foolish and somewhat naive. I had always believed that losing your selfie stick is something that only happened to other people. That was until I went to use it a few days ago and found out it was gone…It just completely vanished…X-Files type of vanished….Poof! Gone!

I like to think I was just a fairly normal person, with a normal life.  I had it easy, nice house, nice car, easy life and the best selfie stick ever, it would extend out over five feet, which is pretty amazing.  I will never forget that day when I first saw my selfie stick,  I was at Ross and there it was in a bin with some speakers and misc. garbage, but this selfie stick stood out, it’s like it wanted me to see it.

Now I already had a selfie stick, I mean who doesn’t right? But my old one only extended to three feet, Hell, I can do that with my arm.  But when I saw that this selfie stick went to five feet I knew I had to have it, I was so excited that as soon as I walked out of Ross I had to take a selfie with it and the photo was amazing, it looked as though someone was standing there with me, but five feet away taking my picture.

It really was one of the best days I can remember.

I guess it’s hard to explain to someone who doesn’t own a five foot long selfie stick, but once you have experienced one, then you are suddenly without one, it can quickly put you in a tailspin towards severe depression.

So as soon as I figured out I had lost my special selfie stick, my whole world literally began to crash down around me. It was on Wednesday, it started out as a normal day. I had went to the gym, I was working on my biceps and I had a great pump going on, so I figured I should get a selfie because Facebook needed to see this pump I had.  So I went to get my selfie stick out of my gym bag and it wasn’t in there.  I immediately panicked, I started frantically looking around the locker room, perhaps it somehow fell out of my bag, my heart was pounding so hard it started to hurt my chest, I broke out into a cold sweat, I then ran up to the front counter and asked the girl behind the desk if anyone turned in a selfie stick…She laughed, she thought I was joking, but when she found out I was serious she said none had been turned in….I was devastated!

Again, unless you have experienced the loss of losing your five foot long selfie stick, it’s hard to comprehend the sickening, sinking feeling that goes on in the pit of your stomach.  I immediately started to retrace my steps that morning, before I went to the gym I had stopped at a local coffee shop, so I went back there and asked the girl behind the counter if anyone turned in a selfie stick, she laughed as well, this is no damn joke I told her, she then had a panicked look on her face and started to back away from the counter, so I thought it would be best if I left, I headed back home.

On the way there my mind raced through all the awful possible scenarios that could have befallen my beloved selfie stick. I pictured it laying in the middle of the street, because I accidentally left it on top of my car as I drove away and now it is being smashed by dump trucks and careless drivers who care little for exquisite selfies like I do.

I was distraught by the time I got home, I started searching my house, I first looked everywhere I normally take a selfie, I checked the bathroom first, it wasn’t there. Then I looked in the living room with no luck. I spent the rest of the day ransacking my home, I searched every corner, not once, but twice.  And still nothing.  As night fell I reluctantly had to give up my search, I just sat there on the kitchen floor in silence. I was numb.  None of this seemed real, like all this was happening to someone else.  But on some level, I knew it was all too real and that the chances of me ever seeing my beloved selfie stick again were almost next to nothing.

Now that I have had a few days to get over my loss, I’m able to look back at how I use to feel when people who have experienced similar tragedies came to me in pain and I found it hard to sympathize, because I was trapped in my  “bubble”   but this horrific loss has burst that protective bubble that was wrapped tightly around me, now I’m able to  “feel”  the pain of others.

Before, when I was in my  “bubble”  and someone came to me and shared their story of loss with me I was so judgmental, I used to figure on some level they must have been evil people or something, so they must have deserved whatever tragedy befell them. Like when my friend Pete came to me and told me he lost his sunglasses, he was really bummed out, but I couldn’t feel for him, I just thought to myself that would never happen to me, I take care of my stuff, I’m not as careless as Pete, so he deserved it. But now I finally see the truth, bad things happen, even to good, decent people like me.

So now, when I see people walking around with a selfie stick carelessly shoved in their back pocket, just taking it for granted that it will always be there for them, just like I did, I want to run up and shake them violently and say  “Don’t you realize what you have?”  I want to tell them that once their selfie stick is gone, it’s gone!  We rarely get second chances when it comes to selfie sticks, just don’t take it for granted, cherish the time you have with it, because one day it too might be gone.

It’s too late for me and my five foot long selfie stick, but if you are reading this, you still have a chance. So next time you go to take a selfie with your selfie stick, remember me and my tragic story, then properly secure your stick when you’re done with it. Show your stick that you care and it will always be there for you.

Now go take a gym selfie for me!

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