Bring Back The Ugly!!



I have lots of opinions, some are politically correct and some are just outright offensive…So I’m not sure where this opinion of mine falls but I will share it anyways.

I think this country is way too preoccupied with plastic surgery, it’s time to bring back the days of natural ugliness. Face it we all can’t look like super models and if I have to be stuck looking like  “Bull”  from Night Court then no one else should be allowed to fix their ugliness.

I remember when I was a kid, Plastic Surgery wasn’t as mainstream as it is now, back then people had to rely on their Character and Talents to get people’s attention.

Heck, looking back at the 1970’s everyone looked ugly with all that hair and polyester, back then everyone just considered themselves lucky if they weren’t too damn ugly to look at.

Even as a kid I was hideous and proud of it.  Our ugly faces had that  “Grit”  too them and every crooked nose told a story of hard work or hard play, we all lived in self-denial and we often wondered there was inbreeding between our ancestors…Yeah that’s how ugly we were and we were damn proud of it.  We envied the other kids that had big milk-jug ears and a mouth full of snaggly teeth.  And our looks didn’t stop us from getting a job, finding a girlfriend or achieving success.

But times have changed, now everyone is concerned about altering their God given looks, they are quick to let a surgeon cut them up like sushi, hopefully for a better outcome.  We live in a world of the Injected, Augmented, Enlarged and Peeled inhabitants.

In today’s world people take their bodies in for service more often than their cars, you can get Botox, Face Lifts, Implants, Brow Lifts, Tummy Tucks these so called  “Doctors” have menus with more options for rearranging your appearance than there are choices of delicious donuts at the bakery and it’s all in the shallow pursuit of the fountain of youth.

Why can’t people just accept their Ugliness?  Going back to when I was a kid the ones who had meaty jowls, spare tires and receding hairlines were all considered revered elders. And those were just the women.  Back then people wore their wrinkles like a badge of Honor and they never tried to insult Nature by having them erased from their skin.

I doubt this madness will ever end, people will just more and more plastic looking, people should worry more about their Character and Morals than their wrinkles…It is time to bring back the Ugly, when people cared more about hard work and family than plump lips and plump asses. It’s not too late to Embrace our Ugly again…Join me in being Ugly won’t you?

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