How Brave Are You?



What is the definition of Bravery? It means many things to different people, I personally think one of the bravest things someone can do is remain loyal to their beliefs, regardless of the consequences.

Bravery requires us to stand by our convictions which we express to others and never give in, never be persuaded to follow an easy course, even if it’s the right course because we were wrong to begin with our thinking. Bravery demands that we continue blindly on with our stupid wrong idea or belief, never giving in, never giving up.

Once in a while during a conversation we realize that what we have been saying is completely and utterly wrong, but then our  “Bravery”  kicks in and we continue to say it over and over, knowing we are so wrong it’s almost comical.

For example, yesterday I was discussing politics with a few friends of mine, one of whom decided to try and challenge my opinion about Hillary Clinton.  Now normally in such congenial gatherings like this one was I was tempted just to back off and not make an issue out of it.  But, my friend put forth evidence that soundly fly’s in the face of normal reason, clearly her Kool-Aid was strong that day, but even though she was clearly wrong, her points of why Hillary would be a great President were all totally absurd and nonsensical, she gathered the courage and bravery to drive on, even when her facts were soundly defeated with the correct facts. My friend took the courageous step that takes complete discipline, when she looked me dead in the eyes and knowing that she was completely wrong…said  “No, I’m right”.

Now this shows a type of Bravery rarely seen, except when you’re on social media safely removed from personal confrontation…If you’re arguing with someone who clearly has far more information about a subject than you do, you have two choices. You can admit that you are out of your depth and your lack of knowledge has caused you to form an incorrect conclusion. Or you can summon that Bravery, grit your dirty teeth and defend your misguided, uniformed opinion with every fiber of your being…Even to the point of Hysteria.

So I ask you, what is the true measure of Bravery? I want to say it’s partly how we firmly stand our ground when we have absolutely no clue whatsoever about the topic we are talking about. And then it’s partly having the mental toughness to train our minds against any reasonable argument that might possible challenge our misguided beliefs. This requires cultivating the ability to remain totally impervious to logic, even if someone we trust wholeheartedly points out a blatant error in our line of thought, we can just simply shrug and ignore them.

Often it can get lonely, when you’re aggressively defending your misguided beliefs until you have alienated everyone that was close to you, like your mom, siblings, kids even your beloved pets.  Being Brave enough to shout over someone’s sensible comments in order to drive home your misguided idea…your idea that is completely wrong…It will never win you and popularity contests.

Anyone can fold in the face of facts, or listen to a well thought out argument and say  “You know what …You’re right, I never thought of it that way”  But this as you know is the coward’s way out.  Listening to a friend’s point, taking in the new information and letting it influence your own perspective…these are all gutless and cowardly acts.

But you know what does take guts? Smugly making the timeout sign and repeatedly shouting as loud as you can  “No, No, No, No, No, you’re wrong!!”  to interrupt a person you know without a doubt is absolutely correct.

Can being Brave be scary? Sure, it can be absolutely terrifying sometimes. Do you think it’s easy to stand there while someone looks at you with an expression that says  “Wow, I don’t even think you believe what you’re saying”  Or to suddenly realize that everything you have been saying is completely and utterly moronic, but drive on anyways, no matter what kind of bullshit comes flying out of your mouth.

So being a Brave does have its rewards…Sticking to your beliefs means never, ever having to own up to your mistakes. And it’s hard to put a price on that.

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