Hey Facebook, Tell Me Who She Is!?



Once in a while I notice something strange on Facebook, well actually that happens nearly every day, but now and again something will stand out and I can never fully wrap my head around it.

For example, I keep seeing this profile of a girl that keeps popping up in my  “feed”  I don’t know her, I have never seen her before, yet she seems to be  “friends”  with 64 of my “friends”…Hell, even Facebook keeps recommending that I add her as a friend.

I would say I live in a fairly small Metropolis and I’ve been a prisoner here long enough that I seem to know all the key players,  I’m either acquaintances,  friends,  friend of a friend, frenemies,  or just happen to know who they are by one means or another…But not this  “Mystery”  girl, she seems to know everyone I know yet I have never run across her…She even supposedly goes to the same gym I do. ..And I thought I knew everyone at the gym.

I’ve asked a few friends about her and some tell me that they don’t know her personally but she  “friended”  them  on Facebook and another told me she knows who she is but the answer was so vague and confusing that I think my  “friend” was just making it up to seem cool or something weird like that.

I tried playing Facebook detective (Stalker) and her security settings were at CIA level, so that didn’t pan out…Then I started throwing around scenarios in my head like maybe she just randomly adds people without knowing them (but why wouldn’t she add me then…I felt somewhat angry) Then I tried to think maybe I met her before, I have a horrible memory, after 3 days if I didn’t write something down it’s lost forever, But I’m sure if I met her before I would somehow re-call the meeting after all this effort I have put into this, so I can only assume that I have never in all my time trapped in this town have never laid eyes on her.

Who The Hell Is This Woman?

Perhaps she is someone who broke my heart so badly that I mentally deleted her from my damaged brain?  Is that possible?  She certainly appears by her images to be someone I may have been interested in…But I am almost positive that even if she crushed my soul and I did a hard-drive data purge of her, that there would be some sort of residual memory of her, so I will just assume she has not broken my heart…Yet.

So it just makes me wonder how can someone so similarly networked, especially in this town, be such a complete mystery, I find it almost aggravating that I have not run across her, or at least know who she is.

I guess all I can do is hope that if I pop up on her Facebook wall as often as she pops up on mine, that she too is sitting there trying to figure out who the hell I am.

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