Will Today Be The Day?



Challenges will never be…



the right time


Nobody is going to…

tell you exactly what to do

drag you out of bed in the morning

lift weights for you

run a race for you


There will always be…


sick days

sleepless nights

early mornings


bad weather

long days at the office


It will always be easier to…

say no

hit Snooze

do nothing


blame others

make excuses

give up


For those reasons, you don’t need…

the best equipment

the best business plan

the perfect workout program (it doesn’t exist)

a super specific meal plan


And it’s okay to…

not have all of the answers yet (nobody does)

not have your life completely figured out (nobody does)

get started and figure things out as you go


As Teddy Roosevelt once said  “Do the best you can, with what you have, where you are”


Take Action in your Life…Make Positive Changes!

You will make mistakes…You will fail…Embrace it!!

You know what’s NOT okay?


to expect instant success and gratification.

to give up immediately when life doesn’t go your way.

to keep doing the same thing while expecting different results.

to coast through life while complaining about it.

to constantly wonder “what if’ without ever finding out.


Tomorrow May Never Come!

Eventually Never Happens!

Today Is All You Have!

Now… Shut Up and Start!

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