Are You Looking For Happiness?



Alright so in a recent article I wrote about how to achieve your goals of Success and Fulfillment, but perhaps something even more important and at times even more rewarding is Happiness.

Sometimes when we want something so badly it can end up evading us, for many reasons, Happiness is no different, the reason Happiness seems to evade millions of people who desperately search for it is because they are looking in the wrong places. Haven’t you heard that before?

The fact of the matter is too many people look for Happiness “outside”  of themselves instead of  “inside”.

So many people feel that they would just be Happy if they could afford a new house of their own, or how many people do you know that have to own all the latest gadgets and toys thinking these things are the key too true Happiness.

Having material possessions are great if you can afford what you have and realize they are simply just  “things”  that can enhance your life but certainly do not bring about true Happiness.

How about the people who feel that if they found the right life partner or if their children loved them more. Even in such cases, these people are searching for Happiness  “outside” themselves.

I recently watched a video about infants and how they interact with their parents, for the most part babies are extremely happy almost all the time, things such as physical discomfort can make them cry for a while but such aspects are fairly easy to fix and usually last only a short period.  The video explained that infants are almost always in a state of natural Happiness because they are in constant awe of nature and the world around them. The video further explained that it is society, parents, friends, teachers and relatives that influence them with regards to what Happiness should mean.

After I thought about for a while that made perfect sense to me.

So I know from my own personal situation that it can be difficult to undo all the layers of perception that have formed on your mind over the years.  However, I also know that it is never too late to try and address the issues and train yourself and your mind to be Happy.  I know what worked for me, but what I didn’t know was how best to explain it to someone else so that it made sense, and all this stuff is nothing new, a lot of it is simple truisms that we have heard throughout our lives, but like most things we hear we never really act upon until we find ourselves in a situation of desperation.

I have been there…A few times, but the last two years of my life have been a total transformation and reevaluation of everything I thought was right. But now I can proudly say my life has never been Happier and as Positive as it is now. And I truly want others to experience this feeling as well, so here are some well-known tips that can help you shed your inhibitions and break away from the societal restraints that have held you back from true Happiness.


Happiness Is A State Of Mind

It is really important that you understand and appreciate that your Happiness lies within you. Think about this. No one can make you unhappy if you have decided for sure that you will be Happy in every situation. This might seem like it’s not realistic, but if you have made up your mind to be Happy, you can always seek out the Positive aspects of any given situation and still remain Happy.

Life can and will throw many challenges at you, but solutions will come faster and you will be able to cope better if you deal with them with a smile on your face.


Accept Who You Are  

One of the key reasons why people are unhappy is that they do not really like or love themselves enough. It is vital that you accept yourself for what you are without any exclusions and conditions to attain true Happiness. Don’t be overly critical about yourself.  Your looks, your brains, your capabilities or even your financial condition. Just learn how to love yourself as you are.

You will soon realize that once you’re comfortable with who you are, others will accept you more willingly as well.


Take Care Of Your Health

If you live an unhealthy lifestyle your body cannot be the home of a Happy mind. It is important that you understand the link between physical health and mental Happiness. If you are fit and healthy, you are more likely to exude positive energy.


Stay In The Company Of Positive People 

You really need to seek out people who are Happy and cheerful more often than not. Being around people who have a habit of being Negative and Critical, you are likely to get pulled into their world.  So avoid getting caught in this unnecessary negativity by associating with positive and uplifting people, they say you are who you associate with, so make them good ones.


Prioritize Your Life 

As we grow older, the demands that various people and circumstances that we are placed in tend to increase. While on one hand your job pressures increase, you may also feel the need to spend more time with your family and children. But then there’s your personal needs as well such as wanting to go to the gym or take off into the mountains for a hike.

Being able to balance these various responsibilities that you have in your life is important. If anyone of these tasks becomes paramount, you are likely to ignore the others. Like if you get extremely preoccupied with your work, your family life is likely to miss out, so balance is key, and it is something you need to figure out.


Be Grateful

Saying a small  “Thank You”  for what you have can make a big difference. When you make it a habit to be grateful, you seek out the things that you do have. This helps you divert your mind from the negative thoughts of what you don’t have.

This of course doesn’t mean you give up trying, it just encourages you to think of future goals and achievements in a positive manner.


Take some time off to enjoy nature, here in Montana we have been blessed with some great  “Nature”  Enjoy your life and the small things that we all occasionally take for granted on a daily basis.

I hope these suggestions of what you could be doing to help you find the Happiness that is within you helps you succeed in finding it.

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