In The Kitchen With…Me!



Most of you probably don’t know this about me but I have become fairly proficient in the kitchen.  Being a single Dad means I have to make meals for me and my kids, not only that but those meals I make have to taste good and preferably not kill us.  So I thought it might be nice if I share one of my best meals that I make, every time I make it I get nothing but positive feedback.  So here is a step by step breakdown on how to prepare my famous  “Aqua’ Boila” …If you can master this recipe then you can master anything.

Okay, the first thing you need to do is get yourself some Water.  In the past when I shared this recipe with some novice cooks they asked if it would be alright to leave the water out of the recipe.  The answer is NO!  It is vital that you leave the water in the process.  I have experimented in the past with leaving the water out of it but it just ruins the dish and besides the water improves the overall flavor.

Now after you have your water, the next step is finding the proper cooking device in which to prepare the water in. Basically you can use any metal device that will hold water, care should be taken in not using a device that has a structural weakness, for instance a hole.

I would recommend using a 2 quart saucepan, but I have seen people heat their water in bedpans, frying pans, Folgers coffee cans and even an old military helmet from World War Two.  And before anyone asks whether or not the cooking device (pan) is necessary the answer is YES!  So just find something that will hold water.

So now you have your water and a cooking device to heat the water in.  Now the next step is finding yourself a heat source such as a stove, campfire, forest fire, nuclear reactor, a flare, flamethrower, or any other reliable heat source.  I myself prefer just to use a stove, it is simple, quick and efficient.

Alright now take the water, the amount of water is up to you, if you are only preparing enough for you then you won’t need as much as if you were making enough for five people…Common sense, right?

Now once you fill your container with the correct amount of water that you need, carry the container of water over to your heat source.  While you are doing this keep in mind that seven-tenths of the magnificent planet’s surface is made up of water.  This has nothing to do with this process but this part of it is pretty mundane so I just threw an interesting fact in there for you….Your welcome.

Some people have told me they like to let their water cook for two or three days, but I personally think those people are insane.  But I will tell you this, something I learned the hard way, while your water is cooking you should stir it constantly to keep it from burning.  You can use anything you have available for this process like a spoon, a pencil, a shoe or even your fingers…Remember we just don’t want the water to burn.

So after your water has been cooking for a while, basically stewing in its own juices, you should notice that the water is beginning to erupt violently, almost like it is creating little angry bubbles.  I read in a scientific journal that they call this process  “boiling”  Once in a while when my water gets to this stage, the  “boiling”  stage I begin to hear what sounds like little magical fairies crying out for help inside the  “boiling” water, I just ignore them…You should too!

Now my friends we have reached the finish line, the water or as I call this recipe  “Aqua’ Boila”  is ready to serve.  You can pour the water into anything you like, maybe your best china teacups, or a red Solo cup or if you’re anything like me you will just pour it in your hand and drink it that way.  Just remember to drink it fairly quickly because it will soon begin to cool and lose its flavor.

Well, there you go my friends, my famous  “Aqua’ Boila”  is now yours as well,  I look forward to hearing from you whether you enjoy it as much as I do.

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