Oh… I Spend Too Much Time In The Gym Huh?



Since I spend a lot of my time in the gym, I guess I have become oblivious to the fact that perhaps I spend  “too” much time in the gym.

I had someone tell me earlier today that there’s a fine line between working out and getting in shape and just plain freaking people out with your muscles. So I guess there needs to be some clear signs that perhaps you have crossed that line…Maybe these might help.


Your Incredible Hulk Halloween costume is just you shirtless.

You say  “Arnold in his prime”  while forming ironic quotation marks.

You remember days of the week as  “Legs, Chest, Arms…”

No matter the style, every shirt you wear becomes a muscle shirt.

You fall asleep by counting tubs of protein powder.

When people make small talk with you, it’s always, “Have you ever thought about becoming a pro wrestler?”

You have the chest of Hercules and the legs of his pet chicken Florence.

You remember your gym partner’s birthday, but not your mom’s.

You have won  “Strongest Walmart Employee”  five months in a row.

A bicep has sprouted on top of your bicep, and you named it “Precious!”


But personally I don’t care what anyone thinks, working out every day and trying to get as big as a house makes me happy…Haters gonna Hate!

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