Know How To Read The Signs!



Some people are just plain dumb, I am left in awe sometimes at people’s stupidity, when I see pictures of people standing in front of trains seemingly oblivious that they are about to be run over, or watching someone jump from one roof to the next…and of course come up short landing on a fence. Their excuses all sound the same  “I didn’t know it was dangerous” does there need to be a sign on everything in life?

It’s true sometimes bad things happen to good people, sometimes we become victims when we don’t even try to be.

But then there are some out there who purposely try and test the theory that  “Jesus loves everyone”  and they always end up finding out the hard way that  Jesus really didn’t care for them all that much.  Perhaps YOU are one of these people?

Do bad things always seem to happen to you? Are you confused as to why bad things keep happening to you? Maybe you just aren’t looking for the signs, the signs that trouble is ahead steer clear.  If you happen to be one of those people who don’t read the signs life has been putting up for you then allow me to help you correctly find and read them correctly.

Signs YOU should be looking for….


People Running Towards You

If you see a large group of people running and screaming as they are running, perhaps this is a sign that you should join them. This theory sounds smart enough to be true so for now just accept it as fact. Since this theory is now fact, just assume that if you see people screaming in terror and running towards you that this is a great sign that something bad is happening or about to happen and you should join them.


People Standing Around With Signs And Wear Masks

Most likely this is going to be a sign of protest, these are protesters you have happened upon, now they could be peaceful, simply protesting some minor inconvenience levied upon them by the  “Man”  or they could be angry protesters.

If you are white and the protesters are all another color, then YOU are probably the  “Man”  and this is a sign that you are now in danger.  Now normally you still have faith in humanity and believe no harm will come to you because you are innocent from anything the  “Man”  has done. Well YOU are wrong, you are guilty by color and now you are a target. I would suggest running, screaming if necessary and perhaps this will save others who are  “guilty”  that happen to be heading that way.


A Literal Sign That Reads  “Warning”  On It

This is almost a no-brainer, any sign posted in public or private that warns strangers of impending danger should probably be heeded, there is a good chance YOU could get hurt or even die in the area of the sign. A warning sign is literally life trying to lend you a hand, grasp it fool!  So remember when you come across a sign that warns you of impending doom, accept this kind gesture the universe has given you for free even. And get your ass the hell out of whatever area you are in.


Someone Wearing A Superhero Costume

This is a sign that something is off somewhere, if you enter a poorly lit area and you see a man wearing a Superhero outfit, take this as a sign. Remember this is the real world, we don’t have caped wonder men flying around to save the day. If you happen to see someone wearing one then he is probably a nut-job and no good will come from this Superhero encounter.  Just pretend evil is in your immediate vicinity and depending on how  fit your  “Superhero”  looks you just might be able to outrun him and get to a safe area where there aren’t any nut-jobs wearing costumes.


Your Car Suddenly Breaks Down

We all rely on our cars to get us from point A to point B, usually this happens without any problems, but sometimes things don’t go as planned and you end up hitting a deer. At least you know why your car broke down when this happens, you hit a furry woodland creature.  But a far scarier scenario is that you are driving down the middle of nowhere and your car suddenly stops working, night is approaching and you’re in a dead cell zone. This is a sign that you’re probably going to die, horrible things will probably happen to you and nobody will ever find what’s left of your body. So I would suggest riding a bike, but not at night because someone in a car will probably hit you.

Look that facts are pretty simple, we live in a dangerous world, sometimes the signs aren’t so easy to read, Hell it’s probably a miracle you are still alive as it is. There is no fool proof way to live a danger free life. But those dangers keep life interesting and I like life interesting. So get out there and live what’s left of your lives until you die!

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