A Turn Indicator? We Don’t Have Those Things In Montana!



Holy cow lady just relax for a second would you? Now it’s pretty clear to me that you are upset, am I right?  I thought so…Look you don’t have to get all up in my face or anything okay?!  I am just going to turn my car off and then we can go over there on the sidewalk and talk about this.  Please don’t get so angry, we can work this out.

I don’t understand why you are so irate?  What’s that…A turning indicator?  I don’t get what you’re saying, what is that?  Calm down, No, I’m not messing with you, is it a bell or something?  Do all cars come with them?  Really?  I don’t think mine has one and I don’t think I have ever been in a car that has one.

Turning Indicators? Are you sure about this? Because I don’t remember my driver’s ed. Instructor ever mentioning one back when I took driver’s ed.  What does it do?  Really? A blinking light on the front and back of your car that lets people know which way you are turning?  Holy Shit!  That almost sounds like black magic or something.

So this is why you are upset then?  Because I didn’t use this magical device called a  “Turning Indicator?”  Are you sure they have them in all the states?  I see you are from Idaho, maybe these things are only used on cars in Idaho?  Because here in Montana I have never seen anyone use one of these strange devices you speak of, maybe our cars don’t come equipped with them for some reason?

Look, you see that car over there, it’s turning and I don’t see any flashing light in the back letting me know which way its turning…See there is another, and another!  No, I’m not saying you are lying about this  “Turning Indicator”  thing, I believe that you believe they are real and back in Idaho were you are from they might very well exist, but here in Montana I just don’t think they do.

Look let me ask you this, have you ever heard of the Sleeping Giant?  No?  Well see this is a good example that not everyone can know every little tiny detail about things that exist in this world,  I didn’t know about  “Turning Indicators” and you didn’t know about that mountain right over there called the Sleeping Giant.

Let’s just agree that it takes all kinds in this crazy world we live in, those who know about  “Turning Indicators”  and those who know the names of different mountain ranges…What?  I really don’t think I’m supposed to know about a “Turning Indicator”  to be able to drive, I think the laws in Montana are far different than the ones in Idaho.

Look if it will make you happy, I will Google  “Turning Indicators”  for you on my phone, just give me a second.

Okay, hold on, you might be on to something here, according to this article on  “Vehicle Lighting Systems”  it lists all the different lights that a vehicle has but I don’t see any that say “Turning Indicators”  per se.  What’s that?  Oh, I see, well that’s slightly misleading then isn’t it, why would they call them by a different name?  Well I will just take your word on it then.

Okay, here we go I found one, and it says  “used to indicate to other drivers that the operator intends a lateral change of position.”  Well now that sounds pretty cool. Does my car have one of these things? I’m going to be totally jacked if it does.  To be honest I didn’t even know I had electric seats for nearly six months until I lost my wallet down there and happened to see these switches, I felt pretty stupid.

I’m pretty excited now… I can’t wait to learn more about these  “Turning Indicator”  thingy’s, do you have any reading suggestions about these turning things where I could learn more about them?  My driver’s manual?  What?  Each car is supposed to come with one?  No shit! I can’t wait to start telling people about these things, I doubt anyone here in Montana will believe me, but I plan on making it my goal to enlighten people about this magical turning device.

I can’t thank you enough for sharing this secret with me. I really feel this is going to be a game changer here in Montana, no more guessing where people are going to turn, no more accidents, Man I wish I knew about this device ten minutes ago, but then again you and I would have never had this conversation. Life is funny that way don’t you think?

Okay, now if I could just get your insurance information, it certainly looks like the back of my car has some extensive damage.  It’s too bad we couldn’t settle this another way, but we have a saying here in Montana  “The rear-ender is always at fault!”

So yeah, sucks to be you….Welcome to Montana!

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