Pssst…Hey Buddy, Want Some Excuses? I Got What You Need!



So are you looking for some excuses today to not go workout?

Do you need help?  If you’re really needing some good excuses I will help you out,  since I am always trying to promote living a healthy lifestyle I think it’s only fair that I once in a while keep it balanced and help those who have no desire to improve themselves.

Here are 20 Awesome reasons NOT to go workout today:


You’re saving up for the lap-band surgery.

You’re going to start… and you are going to eat freaking perfect too man… you’re going to do everything right… going to get RIPPED!… and you’re starting tomorrow… it’s going to be so damn awesome!!

You like to train outside. But it’s too hot, too cold, raining, snowing, there’s a tornado warning, or it’s too nice of a day out to be exercising… who works out on a perfect day like this?

You’re waiting until you can afford supplements. You really like supplements.

 You’re waiting to get your diet in order.

 You saw a website that said it’s better to just take green coffee extract, or Acai extract, or blueberry testicle extract… or some other crazy supplement.

 You’d rather take a step away from your goals than take a step towards them.

 You have no goals.

 You do not want to hurt yourself.

 You’re waiting for New Year’s… 2017!

 You’re in a relationship now so screw it.

 You’re going to try Weight Watchers first… Jewelie at work is getting really good results with it.

 You do not want to get calluses.

 You do not want to get all tight and muscle bound.

 You actually do plan on working out today. Right after you finish this beer.

 Only insecure people need to work out to overcompensate for their insecurities.

 Endorphin’s are addictive and you do not want to get hooked. All it takes is one workout. You’d rather be safe than sorry.

 Chicks don’t like guys who work out. They want guys with money.

 You let your workout program fall by the side lately, so you’re going to ride it out a while.

 Health isn’t all that important.


Yeah…So just go work out already will you?

If you’re not really  “feeling”  it today just tell yourself you’re just going to do a few light sets. And within 10 minutes you’ll be hitting it hard…DO IT!!

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