How To Tell If They Are The Real Deal…Or A Cousin!



Well let me address the subject of a “Soulmate” again, everyone knows what a soulmate is right? It’s the special person you come across that you somehow have a deep and meaningful connection with, maybe they were born just for you, if you believe in fairy tales then you probably buy that story.  But they say there is someone for everyone, someone that you feel complete with, that special someone that you finally let down your guard and let them into your inner emotional sanctum…They are the Real Deal, The Chosen One, The Whole Enchilada!

If you think you might have landed the “Real Deal”  but you’re not totally sure, here are a few signs to look for…

You have been together for years, and you still have fun together…Basically you still laugh at each other’s jokes without thinking the other person in annoying.

Their family treats you like your part of the family…Which means they aren’t afraid to ask you for money, or to bail them out of jail.

You have come to the conclusion that home isn’t a place, it’s a person…Which means you have a joint bank account and the other person has complete control over it.

You feel secure enough in your relationship …Which means you both have enough dirt on each other that nobody is going anywhere.

You have a hard time remembering what life was like before them…You have been hit in the head enough times you barely remember who you are.

You can communicate with each other without even saying a word…That look means I’m sleeping on the couch tonight.

You are comfortable being you in their presence…Which means you no longer hold in those farts.

You can disagree on some things, but you are always on the same page on what matters…She is always right and you are always wrong, you both agree on that.

You have a special bond other people just don’t understand…She/He is your cousin.

You feel like you have known each other your entire lives…Again She/He is your cousin.


Do any of these describe your relationship? Are you dating your Cousin? Are you sure?

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