Choose Your Day Wisely…





It’s over baby, let it go

No matter what you do, you cannot change it…Unless you have some cool ass Time Machine and if you do, I have a few things I would like to change going a few years back.

Don’t forget about Yesterday, take what you learned.

The stuff that went right and Yes, the stuff that went wrong too!

Remember Yesterday was composed of all the habits and choices you have made in your past.

Maybe…Just maybe, Yesterday was the best damn day of your life…In that case remember it fondly.

But don’t live there… That day is gone!

Perhaps it was the worst damn day of your life…

Move On!!



That’s right… It hasn’t happened yet so don’t sweat it so much.

Ah, It’s so full of Hope…Hope is a good thing, perhaps the best thing.

It will be a perfect opportunity to be just a little bit better than you are Today.

You can plan for it, Go ahead…But remember plans change.

It will be a new day…so if Today sucks ass…Make Tomorrow better!!

And never forget…It isn’t guaranteed…Shit happens to good people.

And it will be an opportunity to feel sore…but not sorry!



This day can be the first day of the rest of your life, if you so choose…Choose wisely my friends.

It is an opportunity to decide if you like the path you’re traveling on…or if you need a new course.

Is a great chance to start building new habits…the process of changing the YOU of Tomorrow.

Is a great opportunity to say  “YES”  to something you normally would say  “NO”  to…Remember that New Experiences bring growth.

Is your chance to say  “NO”  to something unhealthy that’s a part of your routine…Making Positive changes is Good!

Is a great day to make one better decision than you did yesterday…in life…in love…in health or even wealth.

Is an opportunity to be better than you were yesterday.

Is the time to do  “NOW”  what you were going to put off until Tomorrow.

Is the  “ONLY”  thing that’s within your control…Make good choices TODAY!!

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