America…Love Me Or Get Out!


I don’t know about you, but I am concerned about our Nation.  We face difficult times right now and the recent terror attack in Orlando, Florida just underscores the real dangers we are facing. Not to mention all the racial tension going on, we are hurting as a country, there seems to be a huge rift among the people of this once magnificent country and while I really don’t know if it can be healed in my lifetime, I don’t think all  “Hope”  is lost.  Change is possible, but this road to real  “Change”  will be a difficult one.

Honestly, this great land can never be united as long as it is occupied by people other than me.

I feel the entire population of the United States and I just simply cannot see eye to eye on many of the important issues facing this country and that’s what is tearing us apart as a Nation. I believe there are two America’s and sadly, I’m the only person alive who is truly able to see things from my point of view. Therefore we have a very long ways to go before this great land becomes a Nation under… Me!

And this fact truly breaks my heart.

Perhaps there are some of you who might think I want to ruin this country, if you think that way you are wrong and probably jealous in some way. I love America, I cherish our amazing way of life and I have always believed that there is room in our great Democracy for everyone to think and act the same way I do. Hear me out my fellow citizens, every single man, woman and child in this country is free to be just like me. It isn’t just a mere privilege…It’s the God-given right of every American!

There will come a day, when you people will finally realize that adopting a worldview identical to my own is the most sensible course of action you can take. And from where I stand, it’s the only course of action.

But until this happens, I know we as a country must face the terrifying facts that a great number of opinions circulating out there are not mine. Many of these opinions are held by people I have never even met.  Something that is even more alarming, I would estimate that on average, Non-“Me”-Americans probably share my specific perspective on fewer than five out of every ten matters of political, ethical and cultural importance. I just don’t see how we can move forward as a Nation if millions and millions of people out there can’t get their act together on get on board with even half my agenda?

A good example to share, I have spoken to several people, most who openly disagree with my proposal that I be exempt from all gym fees and supplement costs. This to me is the height of narcissism, if those people put themselves in my shoes for just four seconds, maybe they would appreciate the fact that free gym usage and free supplements would greatly enhance the quality of my life. But sadly these people are unable…Or unwilling, to put aside their own selfish needs and defer to mine.

The cold hard fact is that there are roughly 320 million or so people in this country that are not me. But I know, deep down, you all really want the same thing, you want to bridge that gap that divides us and to live in perfect peace and harmony. I tell you right now, It can happen. But it will take some major concessions from everyone who isn’t me. It will require everyone coming together, shutting their opinion-holes for once and doing exactly what I want, when I want it.

People the time to act is Now!

Look, I’m not a foolish person, I realize there are many Americans out there who have little to no interest in letting me do their thinking for them. If you are one of those people then perhaps you should move to Syria or France, basically any country that isn’t inhabited by me.

Like I always tell everyone…AMERICA: Love Me or Get Out!

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