You Are Clearly An Idiot!…I Can Help You!



I like to help my fellow man whenever I can.  I think it helps builds some good karma credits for me and I don’t think you can have too much of that.

So now I want to do my fellow gender a solid, especially the young bucks out there who seem to have gone a little astray when it comes to behaving like a man, the kind of man that women who look for  “quality”  males will find acceptable.

Being on social media gives me a chance to observe my fellow man without having to get too involved in their lives and some of the behaviors I see are really quite pathetic if you ask me.  So here is what I will do for you, I’m going to list a few things that you’re doing that makes you look stupid.  And probably damages any chances you may have in meeting women who have some class and character.

So guys if you find yourself doing any of this stuff…Stop it! Stop now!


Guys if you like to brag about all the women your hooking up with, then you are a douchebag, you may be scoring but you won’t  “score”  the right lady when you come to your senses and settle down.  Hopefully by then you won’t be riddled with STD’s, if so I’m going to take a wild guess and say your high scoring days will be behind you, along with your dignity.


Guys who tilt their baseball caps off to the side. The look doesn’t convey that your cool, all it really says is  “I’m not smart enough to figure out how to wear this baseball cap, even though every toddler on earth seems to be able to handle it.”


Guys if your Facebook profile includes the following…“Women”  listed under your Interests or Activities section.  Guess what? this makes you look like a freaking idiot, it also says you have never been laid and probably won’t be anytime soon.


Guys if you wear big saggy pants, you are just plain dumb, that’s right dumb!  If your pants look like they are made for someone who weighs 300 pounds and you only weigh a buck sixty, then you are dumb!  Do you think women like a guy who gropes his own crotch all day just to keep your pants from falling down?  Do you think you look hardcore?  Let me just say, there’s not a damn thing threatening about you, so find some pants that fit dummy!


Guys the other pants issue is  “skinny jeans”  please just say NO, you look just as bad as the saggy pants guy, just find pants that fit properly, please!


Guys if your only mode of transportation is a bicycle and you’re over the age of 18, you really shouldn’t be out trying to impress women or looking for a hook-up.  What are you going to do give her a ride on your handle bars?  What you need to do is get yourself squared away first, get an education,  job, car and then maybe focus on getting a date.


Guys if you cut your hair like you just tried out for a melodramatic, eyeliner-wearing, wrist-cutting, crappy musical group.  Let’s just say you basically look like you let your five year old sister maimed your hair. Get your shit squared away son, your embarrassing yourself.

Alright, that’s probably enough help for today, so guys if you find yourself doing any of these things you need to STOP right now! Please…just STOP!

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